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Last 10 comments by Lemming

Comment for image #96249 7-11-2017 @ 08:06:08 PM
Posted By: Lemming  
The logic behind this build basically boils down to "hold my beer and watch this."

Comment for image #96251 7-10-2017 @ 09:54:08 PM
Posted By: Lemming  
TSX. Can easily get those into the mid-200s at the wheels with bolt-ons and minor modifications, which is adequate for a 2500 lb car.

Comment for image #96251 7-10-2017 @ 07:53:19 PM
Posted By: Lemming  
I am toying with the idea of getting rid of this one and buying an NB Miata, then buying a bunch of stuff from and stuffing a Honda engine in it. Not even kidding.

Comment for image #96249 7-10-2017 @ 07:50:52 PM
Posted By: Lemming  
It's been through so many revisions over the years. Let's see:

3.8L stock (probably 150-160 whp)
3.8L with heads/cam/intake (~210 whp)
4.2L with heads/cam/intake (?)
4.2L with Procharger P-1SC (~300 whp)
4.2L with a T67 (~380 whp)
4.2L with a GT35R, more cam, insane intake, better exhaust manifolding (~435-450 whp)
6.0L stock LQ4 truck engine from a 2005 Yukon, plus Turbonetics 7875 (who knows, only used for mockup and brief testing)
6.1L built LQ4/LQ9 (current, hopefully close to 700 whp)

Over the last 7 years, since I moved into my current house, I've basically started doing all of my own basic mechanical work. I've done virtually all of the work on 96250 and 96251 myself. I did the actual engine swaps and wiring on this one, although I had to rely on a fabricator a block away to build my turbo system because I haven't learned to weld yet.

Comment for image #96249 7-09-2017 @ 11:38:26 PM
Posted By: Lemming  
At one point, I had ordered a Powerdyne BD11A kit from a guy who was...not accountable. I got most of the parts and then extracted my pound of flesh by raising hell on forums, filing complaints with various agencies (the BBB, his state's attorney general, etc.), and then finally sent a nice letter to the HR department at his daytime employer, Ford. That last one probably lost him his job.

Comment for image #96251 7-09-2017 @ 09:52:47 PM
Posted By: Lemming  

Bought this used in 2015. Previous owner must've custom ordered it, because it's a Track Pack car but has the most stripped-down interior they offered in these.

This is basically a bolt-on special; no major custom fabrication work, although I did get jacking rails welded on.

Stock engine from cylinder heads down
Exhaust stock except for mufflers; using Dynomax VTs because previous owner installed Flowmasters and it sounded like a bass boat
VMP supercharger kit built around 2.3L Eaton TVS rotor pack, ~10 psi (82mm pulley)

Bilstein sport dampers, FRPP "P" springs
Somewhat bigger sway bars front and rear
Maximum Motorsports K-member
Bushings in stock front control arms replaced with urethane
CorteX Racing Watts Link and Torque Arm
Maximum Motorsports lower rear control arms
Cheap 19x9.5" wheels with 275-width tires

Comment for image #96249 7-09-2017 @ 08:49:04 PM
Posted By: Lemming  
I'm hoping we can get well above 600 whp out of it. I mean, we're using 6.1L of displacement, enough cam to carry it to 6500 RPM or so, and hitting it with 12 psi of boost.

edit: The final incarnation of the V6 powerplant, which was a 4.2L stroker with some decent heads, a 218/218 camshaft with about .550" lift, a wacky carb adapter intake manifold, and a turbo kit with a GT3582R, made 435+ whp, keeping the revs down and not getting too ambitious on the timing. I gave up on that engine because I figured I was going to be limited by bottom-end strength. The GM Gen3/Gen4 family engines all have 6-bolt mains and some other nice design features. I'd hope that adding almost 50% more displacement AND switching to an engine architecture that can tolerate higher revs without eating main bearings should be a good foundation for more power.

Comment for image #96250 7-09-2017 @ 06:43:33 PM
Posted By: Lemming  
Beater, parts hauler, and generic standard-issue Pacific Northwest car

Got 356 whp on a fairly high reading dyno, probably low-mid 300s on something more honest.


2.5L EJ255 engine, same as stock, but with forged pistons
Full 3" turbo inlet tract and exhaust
STi intercooler
Injector Dynamics ID725 fuel injectors
Blouch TD05H 18G-XT turbocharger
Tomei equal-length header
Stock ECU, IAT sensor relocated to intercooler outlet end tank

"Economy" STi 6-speed swap--Version 7 JDM STi gearbox, automatic transmission driveshaft, R160 rear diff with matched ratio

All suspension crossmembers replaced with Impreza WRX equivalents, body lift removed
STi aluminum rear lateral links
Aluminum front control arms with STi rear bushings
WRX struts with Koni yellow inserts
STi springs
Legacy H6 rear brake upgrade
Bigger sway bars

Comment for image #96249 7-09-2017 @ 04:49:02 PM
Posted By: Lemming  
Yeah, those are just the stock front lights. I think it's just the lighting and the behavior of the camera.

Comment for image #96249 7-09-2017 @ 03:25:18 PM
Posted By: Lemming  
Custom Lakewood/Quicktime bellhousing
Ford-style T56 Magnum
Clutch and drivetrain stuff spec'd by Modern Driveline
Custom aluminum driveshaft
Ford 8.8" solid axle, 28-spline, with Torsen T2 differential

Gen4 F-body/C5 Corvette front brakes
Maximum Motorsports tubular K-member and complete front suspension, tower brace, SFCs, and misc. other stuff
Steeda 5-link rear suspension (requires side-exit exhaust due to upper control arm and Panhard rod location)

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