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Last 10 comments by Maine-iac

Comment for image #81146 4-03-2010 @ 12:38:03 AM
Posted By: Maine-iac  

Basically, one truck is a fast moving sand/rally racer, one is a slower mudder/rock crawler. Both are cool in their own ways, so I don't see much point in arguing about which is better because from what I have read both have a strength and weakness when compared to the other.

Comment for image #81146 4-03-2010 @ 12:31:59 AM
Posted By: Maine-iac  
For one, the tire height and the stance of the truck make it look narrow. It looks just as wide as any other dodge.
Power Wagon Width: 79.1 inches.
Raptor Width: 86.3
You can tell 7 inches in coolness from this pic alone? I'd have to guess it is the extra lift and bigger tires (along with it being a short bed regular cab) that makes it seem like it is too narrow. I'd like to see it next to some other car/truck/whatever to give it some better scale.

How ever, comparing those two trucks, a truck built to race in the desert vs. a truck built to drive in the mud and rocks... You can't really compare the two trucks when one is based on a heavy duty work truck, the other is based on a light duty that was purpose built for racing. To me this doesn't look like a truck built to try to compete with the raptor. It looks like it is built to go places the raptor isn't built for. Might not be high speed, but you don't want that going over stumps and rocks in the woods ;)

Comment for image #80774 2-28-2010 @ 06:49:01 PM
Posted By: Maine-iac  
Best thing is the people that own it still use it for what it was built for, pulling logs out of the woods.

Comment for image #78435 4-30-2009 @ 02:27:48 PM
Posted By: Maine-iac  
Yeah but those words didn't catch on like "swine flu" did.

Comment for image #78193 4-02-2009 @ 08:44:43 PM
Posted By: Maine-iac  
I would drive this, wonder if it can/needs to be registered as a snowmobile?

Comment for image #77499 1-08-2009 @ 01:03:57 PM
Posted By: Maine-iac  
If you can't dodge it, ram it

my truck + deer @ 65mph

Comment for image #52940 4-06-2008 @ 10:14:22 PM
Posted By: Maine-iac  
yeah, that went a ways before it hit the ground.

Comment for image #53595 6-27-2006 @ 10:54:40 PM
Posted By: Maine-iac  
Remote windows?

Comment for image #26006 5-30-2006 @ 03:13:42 PM
Posted By: Maine-iac  
Traded this in Saturday with 87000 miles on it for 52940

Comment for image #26006 2-18-2006 @ 06:12:56 AM
Posted By: Maine-iac  
Yeah, I still have it. been meaning to post for a while, just too busy workin. The problem it had was a bad computer and a broken valve spring. I need to post some new pics of it with its new brush guard, if I ever get aroung to taking any. And it is now over 80000 miles.

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