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Last 10 comments by Mauls02

Comment for image #57 2-04-2002 @ 10:36:03 PM
Posted By: Mauls02  
God i love the mis matching wheels. and those flaming pink graphics, o wait, he's too busy "racing" around to clean his wheels, that break dust is from all the massive stopping from the car after it hits its top speed of 75mph

Comment for image #53 1-30-2002 @ 01:32:56 AM
Posted By: Mauls02  
Why in the hell would anybody put a win on a vet, especially one this ugly. Its not going to make it any faster, or make it look any better.

Comment for image #584 1-30-2002 @ 01:21:59 AM
Posted By: Mauls02  
Man this car is so Phat Dawgs, if i were a chick i'd be all over this guy, i mean damn, who isn't attracted to a piece of shit car with mis matching wheels???

Comment for image #676 1-26-2002 @ 01:06:57 AM
Posted By: Mauls02  
Yea i'd drive it if it were free

Comment for image #608 1-26-2002 @ 01:03:50 AM
Posted By: Mauls02  

Comment for image #486 1-26-2002 @ 12:54:42 AM
Posted By: Mauls02  
Hey lucifer go to car 760 : ) its me shawn!

Comment for image #681 1-26-2002 @ 12:53:54 AM
Posted By: Mauls02  
Damn this thing has so much plastic on it, if it wrecked it would melt!

Comment for image #485 1-26-2002 @ 12:47:34 AM
Posted By: Mauls02  
Dang i bet that wing from a sperm whale added alot of horsepower, it had to because look how cool it made the car look

Comment for image #11 1-25-2002 @ 12:20:52 PM
Posted By: Mauls02  
When you have a car this extreme, you need a spoiler on the hood for maxium performance. Also to make sure that nobody thinks that your body kits are factory, always get them mis painted. trust me the girls like it

Comment for image #663 1-24-2002 @ 10:41:59 PM
Posted By: Mauls02  
hahahahhahahah nice nice

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