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Real Name: Kyle
Location: Connecticut, USofA
Car you drive: 1997 Nissan Maxima SE
Favorite Link: (good source material if you're lazy)
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Other info: I drive a 1997 Super Black Nissan Maxima SE with tan leather interior
sunroof and all the options :) and its a five speed... Yuup, its my third car,
and i've had my license a whole YEAR BAHAHAHA! anyway, my hobbies
include murdering ricers in my "family sedan" and photography... my aol
instant messenger name is GbMaxSe , so feel free to msg me anytime!

Last 10 comments by MaxSE

Comment for image #24406 1-14-2004 @ 02:28:48 AM
Posted By: MaxSE  
I agree with nick, but that color is so attention grabbing, he would make ppl crash

Comment for image #29509 1-14-2004 @ 02:26:12 AM
Posted By: MaxSE  
oh.... you gotta SAY that, cockbite!

Comment for image #29509 1-14-2004 @ 02:22:27 AM
Posted By: MaxSE  
............. YEAH!

Comment for image #28383 11-12-2003 @ 04:34:23 PM
Posted By: MaxSE  
Thats Because HE wrote the description, and I Saved the pic...Im the one who found it, and shrank it (it was 1280x768) I was just too lazy to post it!
It came from Check it out if you are looking for a nice backround of your favorite car!

Comment for image #27061 9-10-2003 @ 09:30:04 PM
Posted By: MaxSE  
Not my car, I had nothing to do with it! :-p

Comment for image #27061 9-10-2003 @ 09:23:54 PM
Posted By: MaxSE  
Mustang for sale!
For Full description and More Pics...
go here

Comment for image #26989 9-08-2003 @ 10:02:41 PM
Posted By: MaxSE  
I live about 45 minutes away from THE GOLD hartford ct...i kick myself for not goin to see jenna jameson

Comment for image #26825 9-01-2003 @ 04:46:10 PM
Posted By: MaxSE  
altezzas? where?
all i see is a way over bearing sound system...audiobahn flame Q's are a nice sub...but 5 of em is a lil much...
looks like a single turbo conversion, a front lip, stock sides and rear, some over the top graphics, ugly wheels, and a c/f hood...nothiing too bad...

Comment for image #26830 9-01-2003 @ 04:42:09 PM
Posted By: MaxSE  

Comment for image #26136 8-31-2003 @ 06:54:01 PM
Posted By: MaxSE  
I wouldn't know, as I haven't seen the concept sketches

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