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Real Name: Reid
Location: Oregon
Car you drive: 94 Chevy
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Last 10 comments by Moose

Comment for image #18507 2-06-2003 @ 09:47:35 PM
Posted By: Moose  

Comment for image #18500 2-06-2003 @ 07:18:34 PM
Posted By: Moose  
this is begging for an 0WN3D!! on it

Comment for image #17892 2-06-2003 @ 07:03:04 PM
Posted By: Moose  
holy fuck

Comment for image #18444 2-06-2003 @ 07:02:20 PM
Posted By: Moose  
its good, but wont make that big of a difference- the transparency matting is the same color as the bg for the pages

Comment for image #18444 2-06-2003 @ 06:57:40 PM
Posted By: Moose  
HEY! I finally got the chance to make em-

Comment for image #18444 2-05-2003 @ 09:59:52 PM
Posted By: Moose  
alright, I'm doing some photography work, I'll get to that in a bit

Comment for image #18444 2-05-2003 @ 09:57:01 PM
Posted By: Moose  
SO... any thoughts??!?!

Comment for image #16993 2-05-2003 @ 09:53:26 PM
Posted By: Moose  
a loophole in the php running the site, I've been searching for one :] though, not terribly hard

Comment for image #18444 2-05-2003 @ 09:49:55 PM
Posted By: Moose  

they can easily be shrunken and cropped to closer fit

Comment for image #16993 2-05-2003 @ 09:40:51 PM
Posted By: Moose  
somebody haxxored the database and/or found a loophole

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