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Other info: wu tang clan aint nuthin ta fuck wit

Last 10 comments by Muntz05

Comment for image #77616 1-25-2009 @ 02:30:16 AM
Posted By: Muntz05  
sit on the corner for 30 minutes and watch cars go by. most of the drivers with chrome wheels are white.

i guess nobody can really be content with the argument that taste actually differ.

Comment for image #76411 10-06-2008 @ 09:43:04 PM
Posted By: Muntz05  
a few minor ones, i thought the EGR valve was shot, but turns out it was just a problem with the intake tubing. i patched it up, just to notice an injector wasn't where it was supposed to be, so i put it back, and it finally idles perfectly. it still needs tires, and a new power steering hose. maybe brakes in the near future. for a car that has sat for about a year, it is still very strong.

its a very fun car, even if it isn't very fast. almost everything is original, except the head unit. i even have the original dealer sticker and owner's manual. for a 1987, it really has been babied. you really gotta drive it to appreciate it.

Comment for image #76411 10-06-2008 @ 05:35:46 PM
Posted By: Muntz05

Comment for image #76212 9-28-2008 @ 12:43:57 AM
Posted By: Muntz05  
GTS, not a GT-four, sadly. 5 speed, and its a fuckin BLAST to drive. picked it up today around noon. new tires and this thing will be road ready. it needs a muffler, which i'm going to rig up soon.

the eclipse is fine, but it just doesn't scream PIZZA DELIVERY as well as an 87 celica would.

Comment for image #76212 9-27-2008 @ 12:13:03 PM
Posted By: Muntz05  
in my area, no, and it sucks. buncha fuckin hilljacks

#2, picking it up today, gonna try and get it for $500. 240k and still runs like a fuckin monster

Comment for image #74946 7-28-2008 @ 12:58:44 AM
Posted By: Muntz05  
very true, but in my opinion, the CRX's 'cooler' image makes it more desirable.

Comment for image #74946 7-28-2008 @ 12:48:44 AM
Posted By: Muntz05  
oh i completely agree, i'm just sayin if i was to choose a car for nothing other than gas mileage, i'd pick a CRX

Comment for image #74946 7-28-2008 @ 12:23:12 AM
Posted By: Muntz05  
long live the CRX

Comment for image #74946 7-28-2008 @ 12:05:58 AM
Posted By: Muntz05  
you would

Comment for image #74936 7-27-2008 @ 01:48:34 AM
Posted By: Muntz05  
is the tote full of hot wheels a scrap yard or something?

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