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Last 10 comments by MxCx

Comment for image #96088 9-23-2020 @ 12:18:35 PM
Posted By: MxCx  
I never got past the first few episodes. It just felt obnoxious. The rabid fanbase overhyping it to all hell didn't help either

Comment for image #91936 8-05-2020 @ 12:17:03 AM
Posted By: MxCx  
Well yeah, it's a bloated fwd rental sedan. Those tires must have been howling.

Comment for image #97337 8-04-2020 @ 11:44:40 PM
Posted By: MxCx  
I dug it for that reason until I learned just how (relatively) weak EJs are. A Saabaru would be a fun, unique daily. Shit gas mileage, but a ton of fun.

Comment for image #97337 8-04-2020 @ 11:28:33 PM
Posted By: MxCx  
And really, if you're ever in the market, receipts, clean oil, and a quiet engine (internals, anyway) would give me enough confidence to pull the trigger on a turbo EJ. I've been looking at Saabarus lately.

Comment for image #97337 8-04-2020 @ 11:27:12 PM
Posted By: MxCx  
I'd imagine very much so. I bought mine from a Lexus mechanic that had preventatively replaced the headgaskets with mls gaskets at 91k and this thing has needed nothing but oil changes and gas for two years, which is the kind of two years I never got with that lemon ass Lexus

Comment for image #97337 8-04-2020 @ 06:36:18 PM
Posted By: MxCx  
It's such a spartan go kart. 173hp isn't much but it's enough to have fun with in a 3000lb car with AWD and a stick

Comment for image #90729 8-04-2020 @ 06:35:22 PM
Posted By: MxCx  
That car was such a lemon. I spent at least 4 grand on repairs over the 5 years I had it

Comment for image #71757 8-04-2020 @ 01:03:27 AM
Posted By: MxCx  
There were more than a few rb swapped Supras

Comment for image #90729 8-04-2020 @ 12:49:24 AM
Posted By: MxCx  
Who knew a 2jz with 133k would start eating rod bearings?

Comment for image #90779 5-08-2014 @ 05:45:20 PM
Posted By: MxCx  
its a bit fishlike, but its really not terrible.

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