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Last 10 comments by NerfHerder

Comment for image #71141 2-24-2008 @ 04:48:33 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder  
I wonder if you were to wear 3D glasses when looking at it if the picture would pop out.

Comment for image #65060 7-13-2007 @ 09:16:23 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder  
its rusting

Comment for image #59164 1-06-2007 @ 01:10:13 AM
Posted By: NerfHerder  
ew it looks like one of those disgusting medical pictures of like flesh eating dieseases.

Comment for image #48207 1-02-2006 @ 01:45:12 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder  
looks like it's been thre for a while. Don't they auction off things like this?

Comment for image #48185 12-31-2005 @ 10:50:03 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder  
Hearse, I actually looked into a few Hearses when i was looking for a car. But they were too much for my wallet.

Comment for image #33159 11-02-2005 @ 11:44:51 AM
Posted By: NerfHerder  
it needs to be slammed, and on dub spinners and have a bumping system. Then it would be baller.
It would be wild to see a limo three wheel.

Comment for image #46092 11-02-2005 @ 11:37:43 AM
Posted By: NerfHerder  
oh no it's Crazy Frog!

Comment for image #45207 10-11-2005 @ 12:27:35 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder  
rear view with smoked tail lights:

Comment for image #38254 2-03-2005 @ 06:43:55 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder  
IMO the '89 240sx is ugly especially with this offroad height, I especially like my friend's white '93 240sx with an SR20DET and lowered.

Comment for image #37577 12-28-2004 @ 05:57:45 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder  
That is what replaced the Passat, it's an alright car

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