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Last 10 comments by Obsidian

Comment for image #24404 8-07-2018 @ 07:04:22 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
Spasiba comrade.

It's pretty much what I expected it to be - even when I've set the standards quite low.

Comment for image #24404 8-07-2018 @ 04:12:10 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
Gimmie. I've got see just how fucked it really is.

Comment for image #89767 8-07-2018 @ 04:10:17 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
German music set on Italian marble with English and Italian cars 'dancing'. Glad that scene was cut.

Comment for image #89767 8-06-2018 @ 09:07:53 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
*tired one-liner with extra thicc working class brit staccato*

Comment for image #87694 8-05-2018 @ 05:20:33 PM
Posted By: Obsidian

Comment for image #89732 7-30-2018 @ 04:18:30 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
Why have a mcDonalds-esque franchise? Tie the films promotion with a national advertising campaign with 'collectable' beverage containers and a matching ticket contest - although it would likely step on the toes of McD's Monopoly contest.

Comment for image #95884 7-29-2018 @ 06:26:07 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
These Automation cars crash modeling leaves a lot to be desired.

Comment for image #89732 7-29-2018 @ 06:24:49 PM
Posted By: Obsidian

Comment for image #25328 7-27-2018 @ 04:06:05 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
there is so much i wish i didn't know about Allante's.

Comment for image #96895 7-26-2018 @ 04:01:59 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
Your rent may be going into lease payments.

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