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Last 10 comments by Obsidian

Comment for image #15782 11-21-2022 @ 04:16:35 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
It's like Buckleys.

Comment for image #98230 11-16-2022 @ 04:18:48 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
Lets see...

The trailer is too small and the wheels can act like a fulcrum if the load is not balanced. The Suburban - at 2640kg - is likely heaviest at the nose. The E39 estate's towing capacity is a mere 750kg unbraked and 1800kg braked.

When decelerating hard - the trailers load could potentially shift forwards and put undue strain on the ball hitch. The hitch - now loaded more than what it would experience than by simply towing - could either physically break it's mount to the E39 - or cause the E39 to pitch upward using the rear axel as a fulcrum - thereby reducing its steering ability.

Comment for image #98213 11-03-2022 @ 04:50:01 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
Strangely - music has built an idea of 1985 for the last 10 years.

Comment for image #98221 10-19-2022 @ 04:06:50 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  

Comment for image #92578 10-04-2022 @ 04:10:44 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
I think the hydro-gas system is supposed to do that normally when the car is parked and off for a while. The system isn't being pressurized when it's off and the weight of the car pushes the fluid back into the reservoir from the suspension.

Comment for image #98190 9-26-2022 @ 04:16:43 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
I always put it down to image stitching. You have a not quite spherical array of cameras affixed to the roof a base model Impreza taking photos through parabolic lens that produce a set high res images that all share a percentage of overlap with the other phots in the set.

Bots will stitch the photos in the set together looking for commonalities of colour - and of any of the known identifiable objects that Alphabets' reCaptcha database - and the completed image is set over a inverted spherical canvas as opposed to a planar one like a conventual photo. The rounding errors are expected - but are tolerable to the human eye when you're just looking for where something is rather than how faithfully it's been represented in a photo.

Comment for image #85493 9-08-2022 @ 04:21:15 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
From maritime polymers for boats to the fuel in this helicopter. 3M. Building the future.

Comment for image #76387 8-25-2022 @ 04:09:29 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
Which means it probably hasn't been canceled yet.

Comment for image #53103 8-12-2022 @ 04:44:07 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
The car has not changed since.

Comment for image #51961 8-08-2022 @ 04:08:51 PM
Posted By: Obsidian  
The path that sits before ye in on the high seas.

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