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Last 10 comments by Phantom1

Comment for image #15040 8-31-2008 @ 08:04:33 PM
Posted By: Phantom1  
heh, to me it looks like it can be a piece from monopoly, the new trend in ricing your car...

Comment for image #75525 8-26-2008 @ 09:20:38 PM
Posted By: Phantom1  
its definately asian am i right?

Comment for image #20900 8-10-2007 @ 09:05:44 PM
Posted By: Phantom1  
thats hot!

Comment for image #65726 8-03-2007 @ 10:03:01 AM
Posted By: Phantom1  


Comment for image #65714 8-02-2007 @ 10:24:06 PM
Posted By: Phantom1  
thats a nice vespa!

Comment for image #65713 8-02-2007 @ 10:09:37 PM
Posted By: Phantom1  
Zoidberg: excuse me, which is the one people like to hug?
Fry's 80's business buddy: Gutsy question! your a shark! sharks dont look back because they dont have any necks

Comment for image #65713 8-02-2007 @ 10:01:41 PM
Posted By: Phantom1  

Comment for image #65430 7-24-2007 @ 06:41:04 PM
Posted By: Phantom1  
Jetsons anybody? haha

Comment for image #44436 9-18-2005 @ 10:43:54 PM
Posted By: Phantom1  
those are some nice trees ;-)

Comment for image #44433 9-18-2005 @ 10:13:30 PM
Posted By: Phantom1  
ha, carpel tongue syndrome

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