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Last 10 comments by PurpleTriangle04

Comment for image #63129 5-04-2007 @ 10:26:55 PM
Posted By: PurpleTriangle04  
Eh, I'd just like to state for the record that I love my '07 Corolla, the dealer was excellent, and I didn't get screwed on the trade-in. The dealership and their service department never gave me any shit (aside from the issue i had with my 2000's engine), and I'd much rather have the corolla over the civic.

Comment for image #61834 3-23-2007 @ 06:37:20 PM
Posted By: PurpleTriangle04  
On the plus side, I bet the interior's probably in mint condition underneath all that :-P

Comment for image #61660 3-17-2007 @ 02:41:48 PM
Posted By: PurpleTriangle04  
Agreed. This makes me sad.

Comment for image #61656 3-17-2007 @ 11:24:33 AM
Posted By: PurpleTriangle04  
I don't mind wagons, but I could never bring myself to like these.

Comment for image #61640 3-16-2007 @ 06:30:55 PM
Posted By: PurpleTriangle04  

Comment for image #61617 3-16-2007 @ 06:22:17 PM
Posted By: PurpleTriangle04  
Shrunken Camry Syndrome.

Comment for image #61617 3-15-2007 @ 10:34:09 PM
Posted By: PurpleTriangle04  
Haha... Call me crazy but I never really gave thought to the fact that an engine under 80k would burn a quart and a half of oil in less than 3 months.

Comment for image #61615 3-15-2007 @ 10:32:37 PM
Posted By: PurpleTriangle04  
A winner is you.

Comment for image #61617 3-15-2007 @ 10:18:48 PM
Posted By: PurpleTriangle04  
Yes, where I'm almost 23 and running out of time for the "I'm young and didn't know any better" excuse.

Comment for image #61617 3-15-2007 @ 10:16:01 PM
Posted By: PurpleTriangle04  
I think we've all done that one really stupid thing we'd rather forget about/not admit to.

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