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Last 10 comments by RiceArsonist

Comment for image #89904 9-22-2013 @ 11:00:41 PM
Posted By: RiceArsonist  
That is awesome looking. Damn man.

Comment for image #89926 9-22-2013 @ 10:53:30 PM
Posted By: RiceArsonist  

I may be trying to practice my photography and using my car as a model is fun :V

Comment for image #89863 9-22-2013 @ 10:47:29 PM
Posted By: RiceArsonist  
I use snow and rain as an excuse to go tailsliding everywhere when I get the chance. V8 + RWD means lots of lazy, comfy powerslides. Plus the combo of glasspacks and an exhaust leak makes it sound aggressive as tits when i'm throwing it around :V

Comment for image #69261 8-11-2011 @ 02:42:43 PM
Posted By: RiceArsonist  
Good god I want it. That is all that is sexy.

Comment for image #78542 8-09-2011 @ 04:18:27 PM
Posted By: RiceArsonist  
It looks good though :P

I've seen some massively cheap paintjobs that actually looked fantastic.

Comment for image #78542 8-09-2011 @ 09:35:13 AM
Posted By: RiceArsonist  
That is a -really- nice shade of blue.

Comment for image #85111 8-08-2011 @ 07:00:51 AM
Posted By: RiceArsonist  
They're big for a classic Challenger. They don't work with this car. Shit's hideous.

Comment for image #85188 8-08-2011 @ 01:56:22 AM
Posted By: RiceArsonist  
Oooh, sleek and snazzy. I like it.

Comment for image #85189 8-08-2011 @ 01:55:59 AM
Posted By: RiceArsonist  
... Goddamnit.

Comment for image #85184 8-07-2011 @ 11:26:27 AM
Posted By: RiceArsonist  
Huh. I somewhat like it, in concept. I do loves me some ITBs on an I4.

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