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Last 10 comments by Sensekhmet

Comment for image #96438 9-16-2017 @ 07:26:30 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet  
These were really small (hence the Junior name - they also made Standards and Supers IIRC) - 822cc air cooled diesels with 14HP - single cylinder I think.

Comment for image #96416 9-16-2017 @ 07:21:08 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet  
Ah yes, the Walking Driving the Wire trick - not unique, but still impressive.

Comment for image #96400 9-16-2017 @ 10:15:39 AM
Posted By: Sensekhmet  
I never thought about this, but is the air dam made out of rubber? I assume it would take approximately a week to rip off a plastic one?

Comment for image #96416 9-16-2017 @ 10:12:27 AM
Posted By: Sensekhmet  
Any idiot can hit a tree head-on, stuff like this... takes talent.

Comment for image #96352 8-27-2017 @ 01:51:46 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet

Comment for image #96340 8-27-2017 @ 01:51:03 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet  
Somehow the rice is back.

Comment for image #95987 3-11-2017 @ 10:06:24 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet  
Fresh out of a 20mph CGI + shaky cam + vomit inducing editing modern car chase, it seems.

Comment for image #96015 3-11-2017 @ 10:02:12 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet  
Mmmmm, factory rice.

Comment for image #96032 3-11-2017 @ 10:00:21 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet  
Some parts are 'yes', others are 'no'.

Comment for image #96045 3-11-2017 @ 09:38:36 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet  
Single exhaust, small wheels... Wait, you could get the Super Bee package with a V6?

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