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My blog, as listed above, is . I may resume
updating it someday, when my creative writing muse returns and I have time
to sort out the goofy format.


I'm not on Facebook very often, but any regs here feel free to
follow/add me. My DeviantArt and especially YouTube accounts will be fairly

Last 10 comments by Skid

Comment for image #41433 4-24-2019 @ 11:36:29 AM
Posted By: Skid  
Where do you get the ROMs? I messed around with NESticle and SCUMMvm back in the day, and trying to find ROM sites that aren't loaded with malware was always the most frustrating part.

Comment for image #47696 4-19-2019 @ 11:53:38 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Well, some fake stick-on portholes on the fender would do the trick, too.

Comment for image #97169 4-17-2019 @ 08:16:29 PM
Posted By: Skid  
"Mopars of Mass"

*Insert curb weight joke here.*

Comment for image #70981 4-17-2019 @ 08:04:23 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Looks like they tried to combine him with Gollum because they couldn't fit both characters on the car.

Comment for image #97168 4-15-2019 @ 05:21:29 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Also a handy stand on the bumper to put your sheet music while you're practicing the clarinet.

But seriously, what actually IS that?

Comment for image #62657 4-12-2019 @ 05:18:50 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Van Halen-style shredding and space ships? YES! Where are the fuck are those games now?

Comment for image #97166 4-11-2019 @ 07:54:40 PM
Posted By: Skid  
For some reason I thought it was a 1975-1976 Pontiac Ventura from the thumbnail.

Comment for image #97161 4-11-2019 @ 12:05:12 AM
Posted By: Skid  
It's actually kind of amazing how simple (and kind of cheap) real Lotus Sevens look. Their various imitators over the years have "butched" them up quite a bit.

Comment for image #97165 4-10-2019 @ 07:51:03 PM
Posted By: Skid  
*Drops in VK Commodore SS drivetrain*

Comment for image #81114 4-08-2019 @ 04:30:32 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Apparently JL is more in-touch than we think. There's apparently been a long-standing rumor in Australia that one of the 24 Aussie-built AMXs was acquired by George Miller and company for the first Mad Max to be used as an MFP car, but during prepping he decided not to use it....either he found out how rare they were (the Aussie versions were already appreciating in the late '70s), he thought it would be too hard to get parts for it on the fly, or maybe he just decided he didn't like the look of it, or decided a two-seater police car didn't make sense.

Whether this is true or not, Rambler AMX number 15 out of 24 was not long ago located with a very old MFP paint scheme identical to the one on the JL die cast, underneath a more recent gold repaint. It could be the real deal or just an old half-assed Mad Max replica, but either way the current owner is electing to restore it with the MFP color scheme.

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