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My blog, as listed above, is . I may resume
updating it someday, when my creative writing muse returns and I have time
to sort out the goofy format.


I'm not on Facebook very often, but any regs here feel free to
follow/add me. My DeviantArt and especially YouTube accounts will be fairly

Last 10 comments by Skid

Comment for image #97555 1-25-2021 @ 04:45:48 PM
Posted By: Skid  
No particular rust issues that I'm aware of, but they had quite a mechanical design problems, leading to them being among the most recalled cars in history. The 4-cylinder versions also had an unfortunate habit of overheating.

Comment for image #97555 1-25-2021 @ 03:58:42 PM
Posted By: Skid  
A local junkyard has a blue Omega in it, and I used to occasionally see a black primered Citation around town. Haven't seen it for three or four years, though.

Comment for image #97555 1-25-2021 @ 03:15:30 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Cleaner than any X-body I've seen in the past 20 years.

Comment for image #97556 1-25-2021 @ 03:14:20 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Looks like a still from a car chase scene, where it's pitching forward because the driver is braking hard, and he's about to sling it right behind the camera man.

Comment for image #97553 1-25-2021 @ 03:13:35 PM
Posted By: Skid  
It's a custom job which made the rounds on a few car sites not too long ago. Based on a 1979 Malibu wagon with a rare 4-speed, but all the SS stuff like the graphics and the nose have been added.

Comment for image #97548 1-25-2021 @ 01:27:24 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Always nice to see a simple, clean '71 E-body, without steamroller wheels or added-on factory geegaws like billboards and Go-Wings.

Comment for image #97551 1-25-2021 @ 01:25:50 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Pretty sure I see a "GTO" emblem on that '69 Pontiac. :(

Comment for image #26353 1-25-2021 @ 09:38:24 AM
Posted By: Skid  
Yeah, the prices on early Zs have gone batshit crazy. Some mint 240s have traded hands for upwards of $100,000.

I don't expect this to last, due to the simple reason that these cars are not even remotely rare.

Comment for image #96353 1-25-2021 @ 09:16:42 AM
Posted By: Skid  
Huh. Never crossed my mind, but yeah...

Comment for image #96961 1-24-2021 @ 07:14:58 PM
Posted By: Skid  
No T-tops, too. That's always good on a third-gen.

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