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My blog, as listed above, is . I may resume
updating it someday, when my creative writing muse returns and I have time
to sort out the goofy format.


I'm not on Facebook very often, but any regs here feel free to
follow/add me. My DeviantArt and especially YouTube accounts will be fairly

Last 10 comments by Skid

Comment for image #67505 6-28-2020 @ 09:39:23 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Apparently the only actual Z600 part in this was the floor pan.

Comment for image #97329 6-26-2020 @ 09:49:32 PM
Posted By: Skid  
You know, I went years without seeing any Comanches. Now there are at least three I keep seeing around ultra-clean beige one, one piece of shit one the same shade of beige, and one black primer one that's even rougher.

Comment for image #95348 6-19-2020 @ 09:22:55 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Yep. First year, Aerobird. Red over red velour, with a V6/column shift automatic, whitewalls, and wire wheel covers.

Comment for image #95348 6-19-2020 @ 11:34:30 AM
Posted By: Skid  
In all seriousness, with my own vehicles, I'm proud to say I don't really regret buying any of them. Even the ones that have been money pits (the Peugeot, the '98 Camaro, and increasingly the Miata) have been worth it for the experience.

The closest thing I have to a regret is the Volvo. Even though I liked it overall, I had a LOT of problems with it. I sometimes wonder how things would have turned out if I'd bought the red 1983 Thunderbird the same dealer had instead (the latter is the car I really went there to buy, but my father was with me and convinced me to spend about $1,000 more on the Volvo).

Comment for image #95348 6-19-2020 @ 11:30:10 AM
Posted By: Skid  
BRB, I'm just going out to buy a purple Cavalier wagon....

Comment for image #97158 6-09-2020 @ 11:19:35 AM
Posted By: Skid  

Comment for image #43503 6-09-2020 @ 11:18:55 AM
Posted By: Skid  
Clearly it's the Idaho from GTA 3.

Comment for image #97158 6-08-2020 @ 07:30:05 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Repainted. The only four factory colors represented the four seasons: Grey (Winter, the most common), Light green (Spring), Aqua blue (Summer), and a lighter reddish grey (Autumn, the rarest).

Comment for image #97326 6-02-2020 @ 04:11:19 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Probably dropped on a Montero chassis.

Comment for image #97325 5-29-2020 @ 05:59:55 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Reminds me of the "Urban Assault Vehicle" 1970 Newport that user "500plus" owned ages ago.


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