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My blog, as listed above, is . I may resume
updating it someday, when my creative writing muse returns and I have time
to sort out the goofy format.


I'm not on Twitter or Facebook very often, but any regs here feel free to
follow/add me. My DeviantArt and especially YouTube accounts will be fairly

Last 10 comments by Skid

Comment for image #31438 2-16-2018 @ 09:06:29 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Personally, I love it.

I like that only glimpses of Kowalski's backstory are revealed, that his true motivations (other than just having failed at everything and having nothing to lose) are kept more or less secret, and the meditation on the nature of true freedom and what it meant to the counterculture of the time.

Also, the 4 speed Challenger R/T rocks.

Comment for image #96629 2-16-2018 @ 01:32:01 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Looks like the subframe may be bent on it. :(

Maybe it's just a misaligned fender.

Comment for image #96625 2-12-2018 @ 05:32:08 PM
Posted By: Skid  
That could explain it. I also see what looks like black primer at the lower part of the bed behind the rear wheel.

Comment for image #96625 2-12-2018 @ 02:36:46 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Is that rust at the edge of the front fender? And NOT the bed? In a Toyota truck of this generation?

I can only assume the bed has already been replaced.

Comment for image #96626 2-12-2018 @ 02:21:47 PM
Posted By: Skid  
I have one of those somewhere. It's dark brown, with a big Ford blue oval on the hood with twin sport stripes running over the top.

Comment for image #96626 2-12-2018 @ 01:55:35 AM
Posted By: Skid  
I have an ever-growing appreciation for the Mark IVs. Especially the 1975 with the Blue Diamond luxury group, and the 1976 Designer Series cars.

Comment for image #85929 2-11-2018 @ 03:13:53 AM
Posted By: Skid  
I love all 1957-1959 Chrysler vehicles. The '57-'58 Plymouths are my favorite, unfortunately they've also had the lowest survival rate.

Comment for image #85929 2-10-2018 @ 06:44:13 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Dat '57 Dodge. :(

Comment for image #22619 2-10-2018 @ 05:09:09 AM
Posted By: Skid  
Love these. The turquoise with pink graphics is just so '80s.

Comment for image #96619 2-01-2018 @ 08:10:23 PM
Posted By: Skid  

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