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I'm not on Facebook very often, but any regs here feel free to
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Last 10 comments by Skid

Comment for image #62921 12-15-2018 @ 07:44:08 PM
Posted By: Skid  
They were heavily inspired by American vans of the time period, but not actually based on them. In fact, when it left production in 1987, it was the last vehicle ever built that was wholly engineered by Vauxhall.

Comment for image #74677 12-15-2018 @ 07:28:43 PM
Posted By: Skid  
More like a Fukang Bangding.

Comment for image #50879 12-15-2018 @ 07:22:56 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Looks like one of those "labor-of-love" custom R/C trucks that someone spends about three years building, then posts tons of lifelike photos of it on some R/C hobby forum.

Comment for image #58350 12-15-2018 @ 07:21:11 PM
Posted By: Skid  
I'd say these are a serious contender for "worst Altezza lights ever made."

Comment for image #57486 12-15-2018 @ 07:18:42 PM
Posted By: Skid  
No. I have no patience for or interest in them, and as far as being an uncle goes, my only sibling hates kids even more than I do.

Comment for image #97119 12-14-2018 @ 06:31:30 PM
Posted By: Skid  
This would look SOOOO much better as a single cab. Too bad every pickup needs to be a glorified kiddie hauler now.

Comment for image #90032 12-13-2018 @ 10:05:51 AM
Posted By: Skid  
An amusing read, for sure. Sounds like the guy is having all the hell I would expect from a Citroen.

Comment for image #97117 12-12-2018 @ 08:28:04 PM
Posted By: Skid  
I'd like to see that VW with overstuffed blue velour upholstery, "Bill Blass" emblems, and a navy blue imitation convertible roof.

Comment for image #97114 12-12-2018 @ 08:23:52 PM
Posted By: Skid  
Nice color.

The owners look like complete dudebros. I'll bet they're both huge UFC fans, and they're probably driving around listening to Attila at full blast.

Comment for image #35780 12-07-2018 @ 01:37:24 AM
Posted By: Skid  
Apparently uses the 75 hp, 650cc air-cooled 4 cylinder and swing arm rear from a 1982 Yamaha Maxim, the front suspension and steering rack from a 1969 Subaru 360, and a custom-made urethane body.

....I kinda like it.

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