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Last 10 comments by Sonicman

Comment for image #18169 1-31-2003 @ 01:21:37 AM
Posted By: Sonicman  
volvo needs a bit of lowering

Comment for image #18118 1-30-2003 @ 03:47:56 AM
Posted By: Sonicman  
the person probably got hit by a car while crossing the road and recieved a massive payout explaining the ferrari and the handicap

Comment for image #11254 1-24-2003 @ 03:10:10 AM
Posted By: Sonicman  
thats a ford laser... did they call em escorts in the us?

Comment for image #17790 1-24-2003 @ 03:09:08 AM
Posted By: Sonicman  
and a bit of rotary :)

Comment for image #9282 1-22-2003 @ 06:37:06 AM
Posted By: Sonicman  
mmm hemi 6 :)
valiant charger e49 was the fastest car produced by an aussie company until recently
only the GTHO phase III could keep up with the E49 charger

Comment for image #17601 1-21-2003 @ 12:37:53 AM
Posted By: Sonicman  

Comment for image #17612 1-21-2003 @ 12:32:40 AM
Posted By: Sonicman  
haha thats a mad game, just been fiddling around with it..

Comment for image #16993 1-19-2003 @ 09:18:16 PM
Posted By: Sonicman  
this thread got huge quickly

Comment for image #4445 1-19-2003 @ 09:17:21 PM
Posted By: Sonicman  
haha #1130, thats a good one

Comment for image #17370 1-14-2003 @ 07:45:57 PM
Posted By: Sonicman  
the wing is awful, and did he paint it with spray paint cans or something? looks tacky

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