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Location: Phoenix, AZ
Car you drive: 1972 Chevy Impala Custom
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Other info: Rice bad. Iron good.

Last 10 comments by StillRuns

Comment for image #90243 11-27-2013 @ 11:38:32 AM
Posted By: StillRuns  
I want whatever drugs they're on.

Comment for image #89900 9-19-2013 @ 01:01:46 AM
Posted By: StillRuns  
dibs on the quarterpanels

Comment for image #89868 9-16-2013 @ 02:24:20 AM
Posted By: StillRuns  
I emphatically approve.

Comment for image #89656 8-06-2013 @ 02:33:33 AM
Posted By: StillRuns  
Dare you to spray paint 89631 on the driver door & 89656 on the pass door. Hehe!

Comment for image #89669 8-06-2013 @ 02:30:07 AM
Posted By: StillRuns

Comment for image #89078 4-03-2013 @ 11:40:18 AM
Posted By: StillRuns  
It has a nice new tire there. My clunker blew a front tire at 70mph a few weeks ago. It was so loud, I thought the control arm and coil spring flew off and I was about to die. Only for the first 3 or 4 seconds though.

Comment for image #89086 4-03-2013 @ 11:37:31 AM
Posted By: StillRuns  
Apparently, the further back you are, the less important helmets become.

Comment for image #89050 3-28-2013 @ 03:54:20 AM
Posted By: StillRuns  
Wow. Perfectly ripe!

Comment for image #88665 12-17-2012 @ 10:11:13 AM
Posted By: StillRuns  
Yay! ...except for the color, the wheels and the missing moldings!

Comment for image #88465 11-21-2012 @ 03:42:05 AM
Posted By: StillRuns  
Gold plated idiocrity.

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