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Last 10 comments by StockIsBeautiful

Comment for image #31376 3-23-2004 @ 05:39:48 PM
Posted By: StockIsBeautiful  
Skid: Substanciated by what? You haven't provided a single damn source.

Is DODGE.COM credible enough source for you? Go look it up.
And nobody here except SKID and RICEROCKETBOY said that that the car sucks, I only said that it is surprisingly slow for what it is, a 5.7L RWD vehicle.

Now quit drooling and go back to your 'brick', or a bicycle in ricerocketboy's case ;-)

Comment for image #31376 3-23-2004 @ 05:06:32 PM
Posted By: StockIsBeautiful  
Look at the picture. I don't know what your idea of normal "Full-size rear wheel drive sedans" is, those are some goddamn wide tires for one.

They are 225 mm wide tires, that is a FACT.

Putting appropriate tires on a vehicle is not my idea, but here are some examples:

3.8L FWD Buick Park Avenue comes with 235 mm tires
3.8L FWD Pontian Bonnevilel comes with 225 mm tires
Towncar, Impala, Interid ... and many others all come with equal or wider tires.

Comment for image #31376 3-23-2004 @ 04:56:35 PM
Posted By: StockIsBeautiful  
I think it's you missing the point. If the car came with a bicycle tires from the factory and did not even get up to 60mph, THAT would be surprising. Just like the fact that they only stuck an auto and skinny tires on it IS SUPRISING.

Comment for image #31376 3-23-2004 @ 04:44:38 PM
Posted By: StockIsBeautiful  
5.6 vs 6.8 from my sources.

And it comes with 225 series tires. That's the size that comes on full size FWD sedans, not RWD 390lb-ft sport wagons.

Skid, you seem to talk out of your ass all the time jumping around in your thought: give a simple yes/no answer, do you consider a 225 series tire adequate for a 5.7L 'hemi'?

Comment for image #31376 3-23-2004 @ 04:31:18 PM
Posted By: StockIsBeautiful  
DA_MAISTA, high 6 and mid 5 is not a 0.5 seconds difference. Can't help you with that buddy.

And yes the Audi is of course AWD, and yes it has more traction. And it also comes with a 6 speed manual, while the Magnum is only available with a 5 speed auto.

The fact that the Magnum has long gears does not make it fast. The fact that it has skinny tires from the factory does not make it fast. The fact that it only comes in auto does not make it fast. The engine makes power, there is no doubt about that. It just wasn't made to run the benchmark that sells cars these days.

Comment for image #31376 3-23-2004 @ 04:22:16 PM
Posted By: StockIsBeautiful  
4100lb curb and 340hp/390lb-ft and high 6 second is suprising!

If you guys want to pick on Audi look at the 2004 S4 wagon, curb 4050, ONLY 4.2liter and runs a mid 5second 0-60.

Comment for image #31376 3-23-2004 @ 04:13:48 PM
Posted By: StockIsBeautiful  
Again? In my previous picture post I said I like this car, just like the Chrysler 300C! They are the same platform. And yes a high 6second 0-60 is slow. In 2005 cars with half the displacement run high 6s. Size has nothing to do with speed. If you make a loaded semi run 15second 0-60 itís still not fast.

ricerocketboy, what do YOU drive?

Comment for image #31371 3-23-2004 @ 01:34:43 PM
Posted By: StockIsBeautiful  
Thats one funky photo galery.

This one is about beating a $80000 G wagon with a hammer.

Comment for image #31371 3-23-2004 @ 01:24:16 PM
Posted By: StockIsBeautiful  
Whats this on the left?!

Comment for image #31371 3-23-2004 @ 01:21:45 PM
Posted By: StockIsBeautiful  
At least not racing Civics heh.
Is that Fidel Castro dragging?

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