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Last 10 comments by SuperCivic

Comment for image #78163 4-28-2009 @ 10:20:32 AM
Posted By: SuperCivic  
considering i own the mk3, i take offense to that. most people in the VW "scene" for mk3s don't consider their cars "original", just not rice. there are no neon lights, ugly body kits or ridiculous wings.

Comment for image #78154 3-19-2009 @ 03:04:19 PM
Posted By: SuperCivic  
not that low.

Comment for image #78163 3-19-2009 @ 03:03:24 PM
Posted By: SuperCivic  
lol @ people voting this rice...clearly don't know what rice is then.

and its not too low if you know how to drive.

Comment for image #78153 3-18-2009 @ 01:42:34 PM
Posted By: SuperCivic  
not shopped.

Comment for image #78151 3-18-2009 @ 01:41:03 PM
Posted By: SuperCivic  
the mk3 doesn't sound anything like what most people do to them :P3

#3, they only look the same if you don't know what you're looking at.

Comment for image #78149 3-17-2009 @ 10:13:03 AM
Posted By: SuperCivic  

Comment for image #75238 8-13-2008 @ 04:01:35 PM
Posted By: SuperCivic  
dont feel bad, i see a slughtered gti next to it :(

Comment for image #75231 8-13-2008 @ 11:47:41 AM
Posted By: SuperCivic  
gorgeous. i need to post the new b8 a4...

Comment for image #75125 8-08-2008 @ 11:28:55 AM
Posted By: SuperCivic  

Comment for image #75120 8-08-2008 @ 11:28:07 AM
Posted By: SuperCivic  
eh its jsut vinyl...i jsut want one because we never got them (just like the 16v...europe gets all the cool shit).

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