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Last 10 comments by TofuTen

Comment for image #18936 2-15-2003 @ 11:35:10 PM
Posted By: TofuTen  
At BASF we don't make things, we make them better. Not that you'll ever care or notice.

Comment for image #18907 2-15-2003 @ 11:32:35 PM
Posted By: TofuTen  
OOhhh.... a shame one of thes got wrecked in JC's ThunderBolt.

Comment for image #18388 2-05-2003 @ 05:48:43 PM
Posted By: TofuTen  
#9 I have to disagree with you on that one, those black rims look hella nice on that car.

Comment for image #18387 2-04-2003 @ 11:14:19 PM
Posted By: TofuTen  
Yeah thanks, we really needed someone to continue that tradition.

Comment for image #18387 2-04-2003 @ 11:11:50 PM
Posted By: TofuTen  
#4 No, the side-views are aftermarket. As for the rims, I will admit that they do an excellent job of hihglighting the Brembo calipers :)

Comment for image #18369 2-04-2003 @ 11:08:52 PM
Posted By: TofuTen  
#1 Yes it is, but the subtitles are kinda off. Only the Hong Kong knock off DVD's had the "butt-kicking" turbos thing.

Comment for image #18387 2-04-2003 @ 11:06:10 PM
Posted By: TofuTen  
Looks pretty clean, only thing I don't like about it is the rims. The Volk Te37's are nice but they don't look that good in larger sizes when offset.

Comment for image #18388 2-04-2003 @ 11:03:37 PM
Posted By: TofuTen  
#1 Those aren't steelies, those are Spoon five star rims. This Integra isn't a Type R, it's a US spec DC2 with the JDM Type R front end (Which looks a hell of a lot better than the 4 post headlights), wing and *sigh* stickers.

Comment for image #18331 2-03-2003 @ 09:32:28 PM
Posted By: TofuTen  
Best Celica EVER in my opinion.

Comment for image #16993 1-24-2003 @ 10:12:03 PM
Posted By: TofuTen  
#1939 why?

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