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Last 10 comments by Trooper

Comment for image #57680 11-24-2006 @ 12:44:39 AM
Posted By: Trooper  
Ok, that is kind of cool.

I am also easily impressed :)

Comment for image #52871 5-27-2006 @ 02:49:19 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
Wow.. that sucks. Do you know the story behind this?

Comment for image #52708 5-22-2006 @ 01:47:59 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
Very nice :)

It's the European Rideroom/Ricecop Rally Team. :D

Comment for image #51961 4-24-2006 @ 07:25:14 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
I have the cowboy bebop set although I don't have the movie.

Comment for image #51198 4-02-2006 @ 07:10:12 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
Very nice.

Comment for image #50562 3-13-2006 @ 11:38:33 AM
Posted By: Trooper  
Is this part of a series? High res? Link? :)

Comment for image #50570 3-13-2006 @ 11:38:10 AM
Posted By: Trooper  
You should have hosted it on :) I cheated and looked at the URL.

Comment for image #50452 3-10-2006 @ 12:45:18 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
The Tempo is a truly versatile beast.

Comment for image #50319 3-05-2006 @ 11:25:10 PM
Posted By: Trooper  

Comment for image #50254 3-04-2006 @ 03:13:49 PM
Posted By: Trooper  
Well if no one else is taking dibs on the Ferrari, I'll take it.

Is that an STi on the left? What kind of Honda dealer is this?

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