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Real Name: rohit
Location: Auckland
Car you drive: '97 Legacy GTB. Gotta love them handmedowns.
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Other info: Pretty average, me is.
Into all sorts of cars, mainly small capacity turboed ones. Subaru fanboy.
And part time alcoholic

Last 10 comments by UFO

Comment for image #83090 9-23-2010 @ 07:35:05 AM
Posted By: UFO  
That's offensive buddy. Kiwi...

Comment for image #76816 11-05-2008 @ 06:53:23 AM
Posted By: UFO  
What the fuck is going on between the wheel and the apparently rusty rotor? It shouldn't be...white.

Comment for image #76822 11-05-2008 @ 06:51:40 AM
Posted By: UFO  
4 wheel steering I take it?

Comment for image #76621 10-20-2008 @ 09:48:21 AM
Posted By: UFO  
I think it's just the one exhaust pipe with the diffuser. I'd be surprised if this was running anything smaller than a 3.5 inch exhaust, so the muffler is somewhat excusable to me.

Low 12s? :P

Comment for image #76510 10-13-2008 @ 04:26:21 AM
Posted By: UFO  
I don't know what it is about the looks, but I do believe I love this car.

Comment for image #76400 10-07-2008 @ 06:06:34 PM
Posted By: UFO  
the 599 is a true sequential, but I was pulling that from

Give me 3 pedals any day though.

Comment for image #76400 10-07-2008 @ 05:49:34 PM
Posted By: UFO  
Nope, just did some checking, it's a ridiculously rare option, apparently because the 599 works much, much better with the F1.
Here's another one

Comment for image #76400 10-07-2008 @ 04:26:44 AM
Posted By: UFO  
I thought that the 6 speed was a (very very rarely ticked) option all along?

Comment for image #61070 10-02-2008 @ 11:45:13 PM
Posted By: UFO  
I think people bagging proper sports cars should be shot, but I really like them on just about anything else. The larger the better.

Comment for image #75242 8-16-2008 @ 06:01:12 AM
Posted By: UFO  
What kind of wheels are those? My Work's look pretty identical (except the paint obviously).

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