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Other info: Hi everyone. This site cracks me up, and I'm happy to support it. See my car

It's a 2000 base model Cavalier my a few things done, like a new catback
exhaust, high flow intake, that sort of thing. I want this to be a performance
car rather than ricey. I'm considering a $2,000 turbo kit from, which would put me at around 180 HP at 6 psi. We'll
see. It's still not great but for a GM 2.2L OHV that's pretty good.

Last 10 comments by UFO2020

Comment for image #31039 10-03-2004 @ 05:00:35 PM
Posted By: UFO2020  
I'd take this thing over a stock Miata anyday... minus the yellow/red interior and goofy doors. Miatas are so ugly man.

Comment for image #30672 7-03-2004 @ 04:31:29 PM
Posted By: UFO2020  
Come on guys, you know the owner plans on getting all this stuff painted. Don't chalk it up as being rice. I'm even willing to bet that a new suspension setup is on the way. So you got a pic of a car under construction and you judge it. This ain't worth of the top 10. Once the mods are complete it'll just be a typical ricer, nothing special... except for the front bumper, it's way too busy.

Comment for image #33493 6-17-2004 @ 09:24:40 PM
Posted By: UFO2020  
more interesting than stock

Comment for image #32440 6-17-2004 @ 09:08:48 PM
Posted By: UFO2020  
So is this guy a modern ricer or a retro hot rodder? I was thinking retro hot rodder until I saw those taillights. Man that is so hilarious, Eclipse altezzas on a 60's Camaro. He should have completed that look with Celica headlights or something. :P

Comment for image #29267 1-03-2004 @ 12:48:13 PM
Posted By: UFO2020  
silver plz

That's some ugly weather there.

Comment for image #29205 12-30-2003 @ 02:53:11 PM
Posted By: UFO2020  
What's up with your camera?

Comment for image #29194 12-30-2003 @ 02:38:27 PM
Posted By: UFO2020  
Isn't that a C6 on the right?

Comment for image #29171 12-30-2003 @ 02:24:56 PM
Posted By: UFO2020  
From a Cobalt designer at

Well we are not revealing the actual HP numbers of the 2.0S/C SS because it's still over a year before they will hit showrooms, that's more than enough time for the competition to up the ante, and, we are still tuning it to see just how far we can go. I will say straight out we have an S/C SS test prototype pushing 250hp all day every day right now. That's not to say that is the final numbers but one of the many prototypes running extreme boost right now. But this motor is already U.S. DOT and CAFE approved this is GM Flip not dudley's garage....this is something that's been finished before there even was a Cobalt.

That is not a typo nor a concept car exclusive, the production S/C SS will have optional 18 inch factory wheels, that is set in stone.

Comment for image #29187 12-29-2003 @ 03:50:53 PM
Posted By: UFO2020  
At 88 mph you're gonna see some serious sh*t!

Comment for image #29124 12-24-2003 @ 01:24:58 PM
Posted By: UFO2020  
Where we stand in the year 2003 (almost 2004), there are very few cars on the road with dual round taillights. The Corvette is the only other car I can think of (the new Impala doesn't count because the tails are just one big piece going across the back of the car). Seeing these lights on a compact is a first, at least in this country.

This car is on the Delta platform, same as the Saturn Ion. Some people complain that it's too heavy, partially due to extra steel used to meet government safety regulations. The SS model of the Cobalt will likely get 4-wheel disc brakes (like the Ion Redline) but no IRS. The Redline also has a 6-speed tranny with LSD so that may appear on the Cobalt too.

This car will be offered in 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan body styles with 8 trim levels. All models will use 4-cylinder Ecotec engines. The 2.2L offers 140hp, the 2.4L 170hp, and the 2.0L S/C 200hp.

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