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Car you drive: 1995 Ford Thunderbird
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Other info: Just dropped in a 3.73 rear end, rebuilt the tranny w/ higher stall tq converter
and shift kit, chip, 2 3/4" true dule exhost and coming soon 17X9 Craiger S/S
and a 1.5" drop.

Last 10 comments by V8Tbird

Comment for image #40714 5-29-2005 @ 08:02:29 PM
Posted By: V8Tbird  
I'd Sport it.

Comment for image #40719 5-29-2005 @ 08:01:44 PM
Posted By: V8Tbird  
Thats pretty cool.

Comment for image #40722 5-29-2005 @ 08:01:17 PM
Posted By: V8Tbird  
There are basicly flying tanks.

Comment for image #40729 5-29-2005 @ 08:00:34 PM
Posted By: V8Tbird  
Wow... that uh, looks like crap

Comment for image #39939 5-01-2005 @ 08:53:28 PM
Posted By: V8Tbird  
Rock on! good job man

Comment for image #39957 5-01-2005 @ 08:51:07 PM
Posted By: V8Tbird  
Shaft 17: Revenge of Whitey

Comment for image #39864 4-27-2005 @ 08:29:26 PM
Posted By: V8Tbird  
Ohhhhh ya baby. I love it.

Comment for image #39831 4-26-2005 @ 06:24:14 PM
Posted By: V8Tbird  
Where do I get one?

Comment for image #39806 4-25-2005 @ 08:41:51 PM
Posted By: V8Tbird  
bu hahahahahahah. Top 10 canadate here.

Comment for image #39812 4-25-2005 @ 08:38:54 PM
Posted By: V8Tbird  
Korean Hooker+Ricer=Bad. I say we set fire to the car and send the girl back to Etawon.

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