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Other info: I haven't changed this in awhile.

Now I have.

Last 10 comments by VonChad

Comment for image #35176 9-05-2004 @ 10:47:13 PM
Posted By: VonChad  
And they got there, and as it turns out... the Barrie Flea Market is next week.

Comment for image #35176 9-05-2004 @ 01:07:56 PM
Posted By: VonChad  
I just drove 100 km to bring my dad his Blazer... he got halfway to the Barrie Flea Market in the Cutlass and then it wouldn't start... the starter got stuck engaged and burned itself out.

So I drove up, left him the Blazer (which threw the Check Engine light 5 km before I got there) and rode back in the tow truck.

Comment for image #34133 7-22-2004 @ 07:11:19 PM
Posted By: VonChad  
I took it... Chatham, Ontario, the RM Classic Car Show.

Comment for image #34136 7-21-2004 @ 09:53:02 PM
Posted By: VonChad;userid=1741

Comment for image #34098 7-21-2004 @ 06:29:52 PM
Posted By: VonChad  
yep. You win... nothing.

Comment for image #34098 7-21-2004 @ 06:27:28 PM
Posted By: VonChad  
close. Bond Equipe.

Comment for image #34098 7-20-2004 @ 09:18:16 PM
Posted By: VonChad  
not quite.

Comment for image #33299 6-09-2004 @ 03:18:42 PM
Posted By: VonChad  
THIS is Konk. 32231

Comment for image #32231 4-26-2004 @ 03:34:49 PM
Posted By: VonChad  

*returns to Forums*

Comment for image #31845 4-10-2004 @ 08:27:47 PM
Posted By: VonChad  
Was originally a 6-cylinder 2-speed, it's a 454 with a 350 Turbo now. He bought it like this, except for the wheels, if you can't tell, they're body-colour with cop-car centre caps.

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