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Other info: Here's my car. 1994 Z28 A4, T-tops, power everything, K&N CAI, HPPIII, Air Foil,
de-screened maf, 3in. Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-Back and 17x9.5 American
Racing Torq Thrusts. 140,000 miles and running strong!

Last 10 comments by WhtHotZ28

Comment for image #46562 11-16-2005 @ 05:38:17 PM
Posted By: WhtHotZ28  
Its been a while since I've posted, but I saw this gem and couldnt pass up the opportunity to share it. The owner of this has done all the work himself, and hes so proud of his work he put his name on the front bumper (Ive cloned it out). Im told he spent alot of money on the paint, then sprayed it himself and got hot-spots and streaks throughout.

Comment for image #33068 5-29-2004 @ 01:16:50 PM
Posted By: WhtHotZ28  
A priest and a rabi are walking down the street. A 10year old boys passes them. The priest says " Lets screw him." the rabi replies " Outta what?"

Comment for image #27338 9-26-2003 @ 12:05:32 AM
Posted By: WhtHotZ28  
That reminds me of a bumber sticker I saw:
Don't blame me, I voted with the majority!!

Comment for image #24131 6-14-2003 @ 08:28:53 PM
Posted By: WhtHotZ28  
Useless!!! Id like to see this thing try to go over a speed bump, or up a driveway. I cant see how it would even be able to be towed, or put on a flatbed without ruining the body kit, and you know this thing is going to see more than its fair share of tow trucks.

Comment for image #23312 5-29-2003 @ 12:09:49 AM
Posted By: WhtHotZ28  
Its not just a rear spoiler, its a whole car spoiler.

Comment for image #23314 5-29-2003 @ 12:07:37 AM
Posted By: WhtHotZ28  
Its a race car. Cant you tell?

Comment for image #21164 4-03-2003 @ 09:56:46 AM
Posted By: WhtHotZ28  
I have two words to say about enema: Vanilla Ice!!

Comment for image #20654 3-21-2003 @ 03:16:26 PM
Posted By: WhtHotZ28  
Why whould anyone put a Z28 badge on a car that isn't a Z28? It doesnt make it any faster! I just don't get it. Also where are the exhaust tips. There are spaces for them, but no tips!

Comment for image #19977 3-07-2003 @ 02:03:47 PM
Posted By: WhtHotZ28  
I bet the weight of both wings makes for some phat burnouts!

Comment for image #19977 3-07-2003 @ 02:00:14 PM
Posted By: WhtHotZ28  
I can't see how the bottom wing is doing any good. That top wing is deflecting any air that would get to it. Maybe only the turbulence from he top wing would hit the top of it.

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