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Last 10 comments by XtremeRacer-TypeR

Comment for image #78154 3-17-2009 @ 04:06:10 PM
Posted By: XtremeRacer-TypeR  
& #2, agreed

Comment for image #78109 3-13-2009 @ 12:28:15 AM
Posted By: XtremeRacer-TypeR  
that's what you're supposed to do with birthday presents, not shipping stuff...

Comment for image #78090 3-11-2009 @ 12:29:25 PM
Posted By: XtremeRacer-TypeR  
no, this is a vest that protects the entire spine and chest,

Comment for image #78083 3-11-2009 @ 02:25:54 AM
Posted By: XtremeRacer-TypeR  
they're pretty common around here. a guy down the street from where i used to work actually had 2 that ran, and 1 parts one that he was rebuilding

Comment for image #78091 3-11-2009 @ 02:24:36 AM
Posted By: XtremeRacer-TypeR  
true true, exterior work is in the far future, i'll probably rock it how it is for a while until i can save up to just strip it all down and pretty it up

#8, what's wrong with the burb?

#9, to each their own. had i of gotten a relatively clean stock one, it would've just gotten a static drop with probably 18/20 combo. but it's a junker, so why the hell not lo

Comment for image #78094 3-10-2009 @ 11:19:29 PM
Posted By: XtremeRacer-TypeR  
and the nascar floor mats, vato zone neons under the dash, fart pipe, clear tails, vato zone license plate light with visible wires, painted DRUMS, honda AND acura badges...

oh yea, anyone else notice the license plate bolts on the left side of the front bumper, NEXT to the plate mount???

Comment for image #78091 3-10-2009 @ 11:05:39 PM
Posted By: XtremeRacer-TypeR  
right now i just plan on keeping it how it is, minus the obvious suspension mods, but it will probably end up like my other c10, completely shaved lol.

#2, i'm not sure what the differences are on these style trucks yet, haven't payed much attention to the body, just tryin to get the suspension done. (but ask me about square bodys and i know almost every difference inside and out between years) here's what it looked like when i picked it up

for now i'm keepin the patina, sucks that the bed is a different color though lol. eventually i'll clean up the front with a chrome bumper and probably a billet grill

Comment for image #78090 3-10-2009 @ 11:00:34 PM
Posted By: XtremeRacer-TypeR  
i usually just wear shoes, jeans, jacket, and lid. unless i'm really planning on pushing it, then i have icon body armor, they cover the knees and shins, and elbows and forearms. used to have the spine protector but that was stolen by someone i once called friend

Comment for image #61231 3-05-2007 @ 03:02:35 AM
Posted By: XtremeRacer-TypeR  
resolutions is FAR from a shitty truck show...

Comment for image #61242 3-05-2007 @ 02:59:51 AM
Posted By: XtremeRacer-TypeR  
they are ceramic or some type of clay...i saw these at a store, they're pretty sweet looking

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