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Last 10 comments by YouSuckAll

Comment for image #6230 5-31-2002 @ 09:48:37 PM
Posted By: YouSuckAll  
it's looking like de Italy flag too

Comment for image #6228 5-31-2002 @ 09:39:05 PM
Posted By: YouSuckAll  

Comment for image #6228 5-31-2002 @ 09:33:44 PM
Posted By: YouSuckAll  
france lost today huhu

Comment for image #6228 5-31-2002 @ 09:30:10 PM
Posted By: YouSuckAll  
the mondial coupe starting so what are your team favorite ? :)

Comment for image #5564 5-12-2002 @ 10:54:05 AM
Posted By: YouSuckAll  
yes i know it's because here .... everybody here think like that .... oh yeah of course it's an american car so it's not rice but if a japan car with crome wheels here its rice so ....

Comment for image #5563 5-12-2002 @ 10:52:29 AM
Posted By: YouSuckAll  
oh yeah and look a the trap on the hood it make him go more fast tooooooo

Comment for image #5564 5-12-2002 @ 10:48:55 AM
Posted By: YouSuckAll  
crome wheels .... riceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Comment for image #5563 5-12-2002 @ 10:47:37 AM
Posted By: YouSuckAll  
If a "HONDA" "CIVIC" got crome's 'RICE' so........ THIS IS RICE

Comment for image #4022 4-11-2002 @ 10:12:20 PM
Posted By: YouSuckAll  
pooty....nope this are the real wheel i know this guy he is from montreal

Comment for image #4022 4-11-2002 @ 10:09:29 PM
Posted By: YouSuckAll  
why dumd ?

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