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Real Name: Ash Young
Location: Ogden, Utah
Car you drive: 1999 Camaro RJS3800 Light Pewter
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Last 10 comments by ashyoung

Comment for image #388 12-09-2001 @ 09:18:03 PM
Posted By: ashyoung  
I actually really like that.

Comment for image #280 12-09-2001 @ 08:40:47 PM
Posted By: ashyoung  
Can't figure out why she keeps overheating....

Comment for image #275 12-09-2001 @ 08:38:52 PM
Posted By: ashyoung  
This is what happens when a Freightliner fucks a Civic.

Comment for image #35 12-09-2001 @ 01:18:45 AM
Posted By: ashyoung  
no! no! You're flooding it!
Where's the Powered by Briggs and Stratton decal?

Comment for image #40 12-09-2001 @ 12:00:25 AM
Posted By: ashyoung  
Are you sure it's not: "In case of fire, break glass"?

Comment for image #359 12-08-2001 @ 11:55:05 PM
Posted By: ashyoung  
F-16s? A pellet rifle would be overkill...

Comment for image #385 12-08-2001 @ 11:53:09 PM
Posted By: ashyoung  
What the hell does a hyena shooting fire out its ass have to do with Honda? Oh, I
get it, Hyenas are scavengers and it's running for the decal and exhaust tip bin at
the local Pep Boys.

Comment for image #109 12-08-2001 @ 11:47:45 PM
Posted By: ashyoung  
This was taken about 2.6 seconds before it rolled, severely injuring the camera man.
The ricer walked away from the accident suffering only from chronic rectal-cranial

Comment for image #158 12-08-2001 @ 11:43:32 PM
Posted By: ashyoung  
Who _can't_ spin their tires in gravel?

Comment for image #50 12-08-2001 @ 11:42:29 PM
Posted By: ashyoung  
I have those big round things on my car too. Except they're on the front and they
fire rice-seeking missiles.

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