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Other info: Hey, don't diss it till you drive it.

Last 10 comments by cheetahds

Comment for image #2778 4-25-2002 @ 12:00:55 PM
Posted By: cheetahds  
Typical Georgia driver.

Comment for image #2778 4-25-2002 @ 12:00:11 PM
Posted By: cheetahds  
Yes, I am a self proclaimed Ricer and I drive a four-bangin rice burner, but I am yet to see a "Ricer" decal across the top of a windshield like "Rednecks" do.

Comment for image #2778 4-25-2002 @ 11:58:30 AM
Posted By: cheetahds  
Yeah, I had a friend almost use a leg to one. now he can't ride anymore. And yes, it is cheap speed, gotta love it. 165mph for the price of an oversized turbo.

Comment for image #2778 4-25-2002 @ 11:57:22 AM
Posted By: cheetahds  
By the Jungle I was refering to the highway. Move that slow ass T-Bird you drive the fuck out of my way cause I am commin' through.

Comment for image #2778 4-25-2002 @ 11:55:28 AM
Posted By: cheetahds  
Joel, actually I think I must have pissed God off somewhere down the line cause somehow I ended up in Georgia. Yes there are plenty of Ricers here too, yes I am a Ricer. However, I favor my bike more than anything else, Yamaha YZF.

Comment for image #2778 4-25-2002 @ 11:53:01 AM
Posted By: cheetahds  
As far as I can tell this site is over run with fat and ugly mother fuckers who feel threatened by Ricers and have to make up for the under average size of their pricks by increasing the size and height of their 60's model Olds. Welcome to the jungle bitch you're gonna die.

Comment for image #2778 4-25-2002 @ 11:49:29 AM
Posted By: cheetahds  
Jesuz, you do have a point there. However, I am from California and no I don't understand it either. "Ya'll???"

Comment for image #2778 4-25-2002 @ 11:47:50 AM
Posted By: cheetahds  
Ok, if you can't figure it out out for yourself a "Ricer" is one who drives an Asian car, most often from Japan such as Hondas and Nissans. A lowered Chevy S-10 with 20 12inch subs has nothing to do with us.

Comment for image #2778 4-25-2002 @ 11:45:20 AM
Posted By: cheetahds  
Actually, I drive a lowered 97 bird, Have a look. By the way, your comments about being old are retarded, making you look retarded, they don't seem to insult people here. We've seen em before, now go back and crawl under that shitbox civic you came out from. I've taken the liberty to correct your grammar and spelling errors. Now go back and finish high school old man.

Comment for image #2778 4-25-2002 @ 11:40:46 AM
Posted By: cheetahds  
We could get into the Redneck vs Ricer thing and go on about it all day. Since I fear that talking to you will only lower my IQ I choose not to get into it.

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