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Last 10 comments by comradesampo

Comment for image #24722 7-02-2004 @ 12:57:02 PM
Posted By: comradesampo  
What? What was wrong with it?

Comment for image #30056 7-02-2004 @ 12:48:23 PM
Posted By: comradesampo  
Looks like a 3D render to me.

Comment for image #32998 7-02-2004 @ 12:46:39 PM
Posted By: comradesampo  
I wonder if anyone's ever crammed a big block in one of those RWD Ford minivans?

Comment for image #2596 7-01-2004 @ 02:59:04 PM
Posted By: comradesampo  
It's possible. 1966 was the first year for the DOHC engine.

Comment for image #29486 6-30-2004 @ 12:18:14 AM
Posted By: comradesampo  
That thing looks pretty funny with that tiny wheelbase and those ginormous tires.

Comment for image #33477 6-17-2004 @ 03:46:26 PM
Posted By: comradesampo  
I didn't want to have to come up with a 2-digit number that wasn't taken already.

Comment for image #33477 6-16-2004 @ 11:20:11 PM
Posted By: comradesampo  
Yes, I realize a MOMO-sponsored Pontiac stock car is absurd. No, I don't care.

Comment for image #26162 6-16-2004 @ 11:11:10 PM
Posted By: comradesampo  
Better than this? 1291
I think not.

Comment for image #33453 6-16-2004 @ 10:06:09 PM
Posted By: comradesampo  
Well, most of the pictures I saw were from the 24 Hours at the Nurburgring, which led me to believe it was a road-racer.

Comment for image #4674 6-15-2004 @ 09:32:32 PM
Posted By: comradesampo  

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