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Last 10 comments by dNiym

Comment for image #42331 7-25-2005 @ 02:35:22 AM
Posted By: dNiym  
I think Airsoft is a brand name. But it refers to anything that is air powered, it goes for most anything pump up/co2/spring powered etc.

Excluding paint ball guns since their purpose is to shoot people for fun.


Comment for image #42331 7-25-2005 @ 02:30:44 AM
Posted By: dNiym  
We have an old saying round here.....

Airsoft guns are like tampons,
They keep pussies from becoming a bloody mess.


for the $850.00 price tag you could buy a damn nice pistol, shotgun, or rifle and not have to pump the damn thing every 10? shots or so.

Comment for image #41989 7-11-2005 @ 03:50:08 PM
Posted By: dNiym  
Pssht Pansies....

Im going to start my own club, its called:

The least posts in the longest timespan who still visit this website, Club.

Joined On: Aug 16, 2002
Comments: 449 (counting this one)

Comment for image #41997 7-11-2005 @ 03:44:48 PM
Posted By: dNiym  
Pink Eclipse? The Car or her ass? omg its ghetto bootay.

Comment for image #41753 6-30-2005 @ 02:48:59 PM
Posted By: dNiym  
On another note, i bet it isnt a month before some dumbass ricer installs an air operated shifter rod like that one on their automatic civic.

Comment for image #41753 6-30-2005 @ 02:01:36 PM
Posted By: dNiym  
oh come on, please tell me im not the only one that noticed the car is idling and the speedo is all the way at the bottom......

Exploded View

If its moving its going pretty darn slow.

Comment for image #40786 5-31-2005 @ 06:52:20 AM
Posted By: dNiym  
<CTRL>+Scroll the mouse wheel pw0nz j00 right click text size changer.

Comment for image #40622 5-27-2005 @ 01:31:56 AM
Posted By: dNiym  
wtf that dude really needs to finish his drywall job. It would require less sanding if he hadn't clumped it on like that.

Comment for image #40132 5-09-2005 @ 11:07:03 AM
Posted By: dNiym  
Hi uncle dan!

The Gun is a Dan Lefever Shotgun,
Looks like about a 12 gauge
Could probably be bought for about $900.00

Comment for image #39589 4-13-2005 @ 02:49:17 PM
Posted By: dNiym  
Hmmm, maybe I can get a commission from these guys for all the talkin ive done heh. But ive had it 2 days and don't know how i played Urban Terror & Farcry without it.

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