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Last 10 comments by emaretu

Comment for image #22315 7-02-2003 @ 01:19:07 AM
Posted By: emaretu  
#16 dam lucky lol hopefully i can go next time when they come back to hawaii

Comment for image #24712 7-02-2003 @ 01:09:51 AM
Posted By: emaretu  
i like it

Comment for image #22315 7-02-2003 @ 01:07:22 AM
Posted By: emaretu  
kakoriat couldnt have said it any better. i wanted to see the signal silvia's at our drift session a couple weeks ago but couldnt make it.

Comment for image #24187 6-15-2003 @ 11:12:38 PM
Posted By: emaretu  
sweet. the gt3 is one of my most fav. cars. where did you buy it from?

Comment for image #24072 6-13-2003 @ 01:42:03 PM
Posted By: emaretu  
i think they are rsx taillights

Comment for image #24057 6-13-2003 @ 03:41:20 AM
Posted By: emaretu  
doesnt look to bad i just dont like the front bumper

Comment for image #24012 6-12-2003 @ 12:00:02 AM
Posted By: emaretu  
i cant wait!!!

Comment for image #13918 6-06-2003 @ 03:36:52 AM
Posted By: emaretu  
i like the 350z and the g35 coupe i want one of them

Comment for image #23652 6-05-2003 @ 06:00:30 AM
Posted By: emaretu  
#23 lol dammit ok well the back one is fine :P

Comment for image #21514 6-05-2003 @ 04:10:00 AM
Posted By: emaretu  
all the cars in 2f2f are dam slow then there are stock most all ran mid 14s i was like wtf the lancer evo ran like low 15s lol i was like what the hell did they do to those cars to make them run slower esp with the mods they have

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