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Last 10 comments by firehawk

Comment for image #56282 7-24-2011 @ 04:48:40 PM
Posted By: firehawk  
there i was thinking it was the new audi a3

Comment for image #73520 7-24-2011 @ 04:46:42 PM
Posted By: firehawk  
i say respray stock hood and rx-7 driveline swap an you'l have yourself quite the beast

Comment for image #30012 7-24-2011 @ 04:27:03 PM
Posted By: firehawk  
well,if the parts shopping list on the side has been installed already i'd rather havethis than a brand new mustang

Comment for image #80059 12-01-2009 @ 04:20:15 PM
Posted By: firehawk  
@ #1 lmao
yup i know where that picture was taken! somewhere in holand!

Comment for image #45723 6-16-2009 @ 04:12:51 PM
Posted By: firehawk  
nope it does

Comment for image #60663 6-16-2009 @ 04:09:40 PM
Posted By: firehawk  
looks like it kils for fun

Comment for image #21721 1-12-2009 @ 02:53:37 PM
Posted By: firehawk  
satans car huh? i dont remember buying that piece of crap

Comment for image #22643 10-01-2008 @ 10:39:24 AM
Posted By: firehawk  
i'lhave em all.

Comment for image #43269 10-01-2008 @ 10:37:10 AM
Posted By: firehawk  
i dont need no stinkin airplane i ve got a vette

Comment for image #28066 10-01-2008 @ 10:36:05 AM
Posted By: firehawk  
doesn't that make it cool?
for me it does.

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