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Last 10 comments by hofy

Comment for image #51929 4-23-2006 @ 10:58:37 PM
Posted By: hofy  
The only car besides a Super Bird that should have a wing.

Comment for image #46706 11-20-2005 @ 12:19:24 PM
Posted By: hofy  
What is with all the gay center mount gauges today? You would think by now that we would have vehicles with HUD (Heads Up Display). But NO lets move them even further out of the line of sight.

Comment for image #46550 11-16-2005 @ 02:31:48 PM
Posted By: hofy  
The Glory Hole Ho's. I wonder, do they work the same bathrooms? Are they a team?

Comment for image #45946 10-28-2005 @ 10:22:34 PM
Posted By: hofy  
Waht?! No Spinna s? Aint no homeboy in da hood gonna buy that.

Comment for image #45760 10-24-2005 @ 11:53:55 PM
Posted By: hofy  
Oops, forgot the all important Item number: 4584999494

Comment for image #42356 10-24-2005 @ 09:04:05 AM
Posted By: hofy  
Jeebus, you could land F14 Tomcats on that thing!

Comment for image #11033 10-21-2005 @ 09:58:41 AM
Posted By: hofy  
Madison Wisconsin Rice. I have actually seen this car. My eyes are still recovering.

Comment for image #30095 5-03-2004 @ 01:20:00 AM
Posted By: hofy  
This folks is a Mt. Prospect Police car. (Elwood Blues drove a 1974 Mt.Prospect police car in the Blues Brothers movie. ) The Mt. Prospect Police Dept actually gave this guy the door decals. The inner red headlights are NOS (New Old Stock NOT retarded ricer go juice) and very rare.

Comment for image #26831 10-13-2003 @ 04:56:36 PM
Posted By: hofy  
From what I can see it does look nice. Now off to so you can take a better picture next time.

Comment for image #27645 10-11-2003 @ 10:34:00 AM
Posted By: hofy  
Fast has nothing to do with it. They are polishing a turd. A Hummer is a 4X4 off road vehicle. This POS wouldn't even clear a speed bump in the mall parking lot.

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