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Last 10 comments by jugg_al_o

Comment for image #27346 9-26-2003 @ 12:07:18 PM
Posted By: jugg_al_o  
we have more students than everybody but China, hence more spending.

Comment for image #27346 9-26-2003 @ 12:06:07 PM
Posted By: jugg_al_o  
ever here of FEDERAL AID dipshit?

Comment for image #27348 9-26-2003 @ 12:03:15 PM
Posted By: jugg_al_o  
oh yeah, this could obviously have different implications if take out of context.

Comment for image #27346 9-26-2003 @ 12:01:51 PM
Posted By: jugg_al_o  
Way too much funding? watered down text books? My little brother's school cant even afford fucking textbooks you ivory tower mutherfucker! Falling ceilings in a few of the older classrooms and one teacher teaching TWO different grades in the same classroom with no air conditioning in the middle of AUGUST IN CHICAGO?! fuck you.

Comment for image #27346 9-26-2003 @ 11:55:57 AM
Posted By: jugg_al_o  
cut some funding for education, give some more tax breaks to my rich budies. PEACE!

Comment for image #27346 9-26-2003 @ 11:55:14 AM
Posted By: jugg_al_o  
anyway, I have to go stomp some queers and laugh at some poor people without jobs.

Comment for image #27346 9-26-2003 @ 11:53:25 AM
Posted By: jugg_al_o  
How about the education of our kids? I'd say having a job and a home makes them safer than living on the street perpetuating violence and ignorance AT HOME.

Comment for image #27346 9-26-2003 @ 11:52:43 AM
Posted By: jugg_al_o  
How about the education of our kids?

Comment for image #27346 9-26-2003 @ 11:51:58 AM
Posted By: jugg_al_o  
Its not about terror, its a personal vendetta finished for his father. And you have a personal dialogue with these liberated people, or was it the media who reported they are grateful? Last time I checked there arent any commercial flights into Iraq.

Comment for image #27346 9-26-2003 @ 11:48:27 AM
Posted By: jugg_al_o  
$160 million fucking a day on wartime spending? Think of what $160 million a YEAR would do for the good of this country.

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