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Last 10 comments by kstagger

Comment for image #91618 10-07-2014 @ 03:43:37 PM
Posted By: kstagger  
The BMW, snobbery aside, is one of the better all-around cars I've ever driven. Get nearly 30mpg on the highway, handles really, really good, and the straight-6 provides enough pep for my needs. Yeah, next time I want a 335/330/ whatever but this was a good introduction to the brand.

The Mini Cooper is just gol-dang-so-much-fun... not sure how it will hold up in the reliability department, but I think I can live with that - very peppy and the handling is like a go-cart, probably besting the 325i, but I prefer the RWD of the BMW.

Comment for image #88809 1-23-2013 @ 10:47:42 AM
Posted By: kstagger  
I think the '09 dates come from the days when he owned a Honda S2000. I was also there when he got busted for drunk driving (doing doughnuts in a dead end) during a car show.

Comment for image #88603 12-10-2012 @ 08:11:36 AM
Posted By: kstagger  
As a young 14yo, I was once stuck in the backseat of one of these for a 12 hour roadtrip. I could barely walk when I got out of the car. Worst part: it was with a family of complete strangers driving their son up to a summer college program that I was also attending. At least on the trip back I got to ride in Cadillac comfort - thanks, dad!

Comment for image #88504 11-27-2012 @ 02:14:15 PM
Posted By: kstagger  
needs more bloodstains from running over zombies

Comment for image #88458 11-20-2012 @ 07:55:55 AM
Posted By: kstagger  
yeah, I work at the IT department of a factory. There are some real choice specimens here - like the "Caprice SS" with 24" rims, or the modified Scion Xa. At least my co-worker has a minty '98 Cobra convertible and one of the managers drives a (newer) Pontiac GTO.

Comment for image #62151 10-14-2012 @ 09:46:28 AM
Posted By: kstagger  
my Roadmaster was in my top-3 favorite cars of all time. And yes, it did have presence - along with comfort and enough speed for my simple tastes. I shoulda kept it, but the rust demon was starting and I was having some ignition issues - so it got traded in on a Honda.

Comment for image #87249 5-25-2012 @ 11:11:40 AM
Posted By: kstagger  
it already has 201k miles - but the engine doesn't leak or appear to burn any oil. Still quite spunky too. This truck is actually rougher in person than the pic shows, but honestly, I like a little "character" in my cars. Plus I can park it anywhere without caring too much what happens to it.

Comment for image #85424 9-02-2011 @ 08:45:47 AM
Posted By: kstagger  
true 'dat - I saw a new Frontier and was surprised how BIG it was compared to my old Hardbody.

And ditto on the Civic - I've owned two 80s Accords and got 30mpg out of them, even with the carbed version.

Comment for image #85424 9-01-2011 @ 10:29:50 AM
Posted By: kstagger  
it's amazing how cars have shrunk over the years. My '01 Marquis is considered a HUGE car, but it pales compared to this beast.

Comment for image #84998 7-11-2011 @ 09:07:06 AM
Posted By: kstagger  
yeah, my wife was only two blocks away from this intersection when this part of the chase happened.

GR Police are actually pretty good - they seem fairly uncorrupt and don't hand out gobs of speeding tickets. I've never *knock on wood* got a speeding ticket in the city limits, even though I normally go 10-15 over (like everyone else).

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