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Real Name: Matt Eason
Location: Sterling Heights, mi
Car you drive: Isuzu Vehicross
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Other info: This 1996 Camaro Z28 is owned by Matt Eason. Matt has done several appearance mods to his Z28 including the unique stripe package and on the other side, a different style gas compartment door.
Matt's mods include:

Leather interior
Bose premium sound system w/cd player
Rare factory chrome rims
Yokohama AVS Sport Tires
Automatic trans w/ B&M electronic shift improvement module
Traction control with on/off switch
Custom Silver and Black paint
Custom functional ram-air hood
Tinted windows
Custom exhaust with dynomax race bullet muffler
Throttle body air-foil
Custom DG motorsports carbon fiber fog light bezel w/4 catz lights
Carbon fiber radiator shroud
Headlight, tail light, and turn signal covers
Hyper white headlights
Custom embroidered floor mats
All carbon fiber emblems
Custom painted interior to match exterior
Sound deadening through out car
Top of the line Code car alarm w/motion sensors, and remote start
Aluminum fuel door

Last 10 comments by meason

Comment for image #70879 2-12-2008 @ 07:34:14 AM
Posted By: meason  
or you can buy it if you want... more info and pics here

Comment for image #70879 2-12-2008 @ 07:29:52 AM
Posted By: meason  
Here is some info on it

Comment for image #67062 9-20-2007 @ 07:19:19 AM
Posted By: meason  
more likely the G8 GXP

Comment for image #65647 7-31-2007 @ 12:52:32 PM
Posted By: meason

Don't think it would fit, but this would be awsome!!

Comment for image #22941 5-22-2003 @ 07:50:24 AM
Posted By: meason  
this is an infiniti G35 least that's what it is called in the states. It is made on the same platform as the 350Z, but as infiniti is concidered to be nissans higher end, luxury division, the G35 is more or less a higher class verson of the 350Z

Comment for image #22627 5-14-2003 @ 12:45:50 PM
Posted By: meason  
lotus elise

Comment for image #20654 3-21-2003 @ 03:28:26 PM
Posted By: meason  
check out this old Z28 was one awsome camaro 7111

Comment for image #20437 3-17-2003 @ 10:24:45 AM
Posted By: meason  
something tells me those turbos are not helping much.....

Comment for image #20225 3-13-2003 @ 09:31:31 AM
Posted By: meason  
This is the same seat that is from this kit car 19922 this "office seat" costs $785.

Comment for image #19547 2-27-2003 @ 09:12:49 AM
Posted By: meason
sorry it didn't attach to the last one

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