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Last 10 comments by moparman

Comment for image #89802 8-27-2013 @ 12:42:17 AM
Posted By: moparman  
I love this movie I have it saved to my dvr, the light grenade is my favorite part.

Comment for image #89675 8-08-2013 @ 06:06:55 AM
Posted By: moparman  
Yes, and it comes standard with a white flag :P

Comment for image #89675 8-07-2013 @ 03:59:38 PM
Posted By: moparman  
The Renault ft-17, this tank pretty much set the standard for tank design. Thankfully the tanks to follow it looked way less "cute".

Comment for image #88967 3-03-2013 @ 06:59:50 AM
Posted By: moparman  
I love how far gone the panel is but yet the fuel door looks fine.

Comment for image #84200 3-10-2011 @ 04:15:15 PM
Posted By: moparman  
There used to be one of these near me that had an 8' stepside body, No idea if it was factory but it sure looked like it was.

Comment for image #84164 2-25-2011 @ 03:37:24 PM
Posted By: moparman  
I'll take the beetle

Comment for image #26741 1-21-2011 @ 06:45:37 AM
Posted By: moparman  
Not the only one but really I wouldn't move to Germany and not learn to speak German and expect everyone to be able to understand me.

Comment for image #83974 1-09-2011 @ 03:32:03 PM
Posted By: moparman  
Yea but you can't even judge on reverse lights now thanks to most (if not all) Gm vehicles turning them on when you unlock them. whoever decided that was a good idea needs to be bitch slapped.

Comment for image #83757 12-05-2010 @ 10:41:43 PM
Posted By: moparman  
No no no thats mittens

Comment for image #83600 11-18-2010 @ 06:49:51 AM
Posted By: moparman  
My grandfather used to have one of these in the woods behind his house.

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