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Last 10 comments by mr_mcmunkee

Comment for image #31431 3-25-2004 @ 11:00:06 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee  
You have a great wife. :)

Comment for image #30972 3-25-2004 @ 10:47:49 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee  
So jokes have been outlawed by law? I guess I can't pick on Pennsylvania for being a hick state anymore. Darn.

"just general human respect for one's origin" --> OK, no more Bush/cowboy/Texas jokes then! :P

Comment for image #31442 3-25-2004 @ 10:43:49 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee  
That's Micheal Jackson lingo! :P

Comment for image #31443 3-25-2004 @ 10:42:59 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee  
He must've wrecked his Beemer.

Comment for image #30972 3-25-2004 @ 10:41:30 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee  
True, it's not as funny as those computer nerd comics that get posted here every day.

Comment for image #30972 3-25-2004 @ 10:40:40 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee  
Humor is no longer allowed in the Forums, at least not if someone thinks it's "Non-PC".


Comment for image #31443 3-25-2004 @ 10:31:01 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee  
Probably because he couldn't see out his back window! :)

Comment for image #30972 3-25-2004 @ 10:30:25 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee  
Or maybe everyone else is on an anti-funny rampage. Geesh.

Someone emailed this to me (a retired NY cop actually) and it made me I shared it here.

Why don't you get your panities in a knot when others here have jokes about black people or Christians?

LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE. You're gonna cost everyone else a lot of money to pay for your heart medication.


Comment for image #30972 3-25-2004 @ 09:48:21 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee  
I guess we have conveniently forgotten this is supposed to be a humorous site.

Comment for image #31446 3-25-2004 @ 09:41:42 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee

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