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Last 10 comments by musclecarnut711

Comment for image #58092 12-04-2006 @ 07:04:50 PM
Posted By: musclecarnut711  
I'll take the enzo, give you the mannequin. Deal? I'll sell it and be a rich man.

Comment for image #58092 12-04-2006 @ 06:50:11 PM
Posted By: musclecarnut711  
shucks i'm too late.

Comment for image #57378 11-29-2006 @ 08:59:21 PM
Posted By: musclecarnut711  
Haha this one couldn't either...I'll be sure to tell y'all once mom lets me drive the Camaro alone.

Comment for image #56674 11-15-2006 @ 03:52:29 PM
Posted By: musclecarnut711  
Soooooo wrong. On many levels.

Comment for image #57380 11-15-2006 @ 03:43:21 PM
Posted By: musclecarnut711  
Yea i was kinda surprised. It says it only has 210 hp/250lb-ft. I guess the 5 spd and gearing make up for it.

Comment for image #57396 11-15-2006 @ 03:41:00 PM
Posted By: musclecarnut711  
I haven't seen supertrapps in so long...

Comment for image #57380 11-15-2006 @ 03:39:55 PM
Posted By: musclecarnut711

Comment for image #57410 11-15-2006 @ 03:36:23 PM
Posted By: musclecarnut711  
you can tell whoever designed this is good with origami.

Comment for image #57380 11-15-2006 @ 03:30:55 PM
Posted By: musclecarnut711  
even with the v6 it does 0-60 in 8.4 i read. That's a little over a full second faster than teh cutlass.

And Yes, I'm back....:)

Comment for image #57378 11-15-2006 @ 03:28:30 PM
Posted By: musclecarnut711  
It's because we won the explorer, it's roomier, 4x4. Plus it can tow. And so far I've driven a large variety of vehicles. My driving school one was a nissan sentra (90s). since then i've driven 2 ford foci, toyota camry, 2 90s chevy 1 ton rack bodies (both 454, 1 stick 1 auto), 1 12k lb GVW utility body ford with a 460, stick, a couple work vans with v8s of sorts (all autos). 2 S10s (auto), 1 new colorado (stick), our two suburbans, our camaro, my cutlass. I think that's it.

I haven't driven the camaro on my own, but i don't know what you consider "fast enough to get into trouble" Lemming. do any of those fit>?

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