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Last 10 comments by no1camaro

Comment for image #34320 9-09-2006 @ 02:21:35 AM
Posted By: no1camaro  
Very nice!

Comment for image #55526 9-09-2006 @ 02:13:20 AM
Posted By: no1camaro  
(lol) ricerrocketboy you must be an old school ricecop cause I sold my Xtarra back in 2002.

Here is another pic of my Santara

BTW I'm looking for another Camaro an 88-90 IROC or a 91-92 Z28. Might be going down to OR to look at a 88 (5-speed) IROC with only 30K on it. Well know for sure next week.

Comment for image #53925 7-11-2006 @ 01:13:58 PM
Posted By: no1camaro  
Yes your right.

Comment for image #53925 7-11-2006 @ 03:53:51 AM
Posted By: no1camaro  
When the 1993 Camaro paced the Indy 500, it was the fourth Camaro and the ninth Chevrolet to do so, both records at the time. Chevy only made 633 units making the '93 Camaro the second rarest of the pace car family. The 93 Camaro Pace Car was also the first Camaro to go from the factory to the racetrack with no performance modifications needed.

Comment for image #53925 7-10-2006 @ 09:17:39 PM
Posted By: no1camaro  
Only 633 of these made. My Pace Car is one of the few that was used by Indy.

Comment for image #44408 7-10-2006 @ 08:41:01 PM
Posted By: no1camaro  
sweet wagon

Comment for image #30528 7-10-2006 @ 08:34:47 PM
Posted By: no1camaro  
Please tell me this was photoshop

Comment for image #36265 7-10-2006 @ 08:31:18 PM
Posted By: no1camaro  
Very Nice!!

Comment for image #49751 7-10-2006 @ 08:26:20 PM
Posted By: no1camaro  
LMAO, looks like some kind of X-RAY gun on the hood.

Comment for image #38081 7-10-2006 @ 08:23:13 PM
Posted By: no1camaro  
Good God!

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