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Car you drive: 2002 Mazda Protege5
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Last 10 comments by pluto316

Comment for image #6238 6-26-2002 @ 12:02:46 AM
Posted By: pluto316  
I live in Florida. I ride with the windows down most of the time.. But some days YOU NEED THE A/C.

Comment for image #3207 6-25-2002 @ 11:58:19 PM
Posted By: pluto316  
mr_mcmunkee: Fuck it, real flames on the whole car.

Comment for image #4874 6-25-2002 @ 11:52:47 PM
Posted By: pluto316  
Posted By : Jurrell
My little Mazda Protege has lots of leg room, its kinda nice


Comment for image #5709 6-25-2002 @ 11:39:57 PM
Posted By: pluto316  
All I need is a turbo and NOSSSS and I am there.

Comment for image #6369 6-04-2002 @ 10:25:45 PM
Posted By: pluto316  

Comment for image #3453 6-04-2002 @ 10:18:24 PM
Posted By: pluto316  
That game is stupid though, BORING.

Comment for image #6369 6-04-2002 @ 10:17:00 PM
Posted By: pluto316  
Before the car blinded me, yeah.

Comment for image #6369 6-04-2002 @ 10:15:15 PM
Posted By: pluto316  
That car is pretty ugly.

Comment for image #5346 6-01-2002 @ 10:45:15 PM
Posted By: pluto316  
My P5 rubs all the time on bumps. I still want it lowered though...

Comment for image #6272 6-01-2002 @ 10:42:14 PM
Posted By: pluto316  
"Uh, Dodge, can I get a car that can turn and stop?"

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