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Last 10 comments by rellik

Comment for image #48531 1-11-2006 @ 01:26:11 PM
Posted By: rellik  
Nissan Stanza?

Comment for image #46852 11-23-2005 @ 03:11:38 PM
Posted By: rellik  
what is with the malibo hubcaps?

Comment for image #26699 8-26-2003 @ 10:14:00 PM
Posted By: rellik  
this is officially an 82 1/2 when it first came out. My sister purchased one and it was a blast to drive. FYI this has to be at least an 83, for the GT-S was not produced untill 83. The fender flairs give it away as to the body style.

Comment for image #25990 8-03-2003 @ 11:11:50 AM
Posted By: rellik  
#2 can't be a 2004, for the front end would look totally diffrent

Comment for image #25196 7-14-2003 @ 08:43:52 PM
Posted By: rellik  
hate to say it, but this is a fake car. I have seen it before, and the owner took a slant 6 charger chopped the top and added the daytona front and rear.

Comment for image #23822 6-08-2003 @ 10:17:19 AM
Posted By: rellik  
FYI I donít think this is an R/T, for the decals on the side are all wrong. Besides the R/T, I do believe, was dropped after the í71 year. The grill on this one is definitely from 72-74.

Comment for image #23822 6-08-2003 @ 10:09:58 AM
Posted By: rellik  
Charger??? That looks more like a Challenger to me, around 73 by the looks of the grill.

Comment for image #23787 6-07-2003 @ 11:17:43 AM
Posted By: rellik  
Erector Set Wing

Comment for image #22339 5-07-2003 @ 08:18:31 AM
Posted By: rellik  
Itís lowered so much the wheels won't fit in the wells any more...

Comment for image #22334 5-07-2003 @ 08:15:39 AM
Posted By: rellik  
actually, no I don't wish my car looked like that

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