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Last 10 comments by rexwgn

Comment for image #407 12-22-2001 @ 07:51:58 PM
Posted By: rexwgn  
True but in most instances if you get a bigger wheel you get a lower profile tire making the same overall circumference. A 215/55 by 16 is essential the same as a 205/45 by 18 in circumference

Comment for image #161 12-22-2001 @ 06:23:17 PM
Posted By: rexwgn  
oh no they killed tweety

Comment for image #50 12-22-2001 @ 06:21:27 PM
Posted By: rexwgn  
Almost reminds me of the space shuttle's engine rocket set up.

Comment for image #407 12-22-2001 @ 06:18:33 PM
Posted By: rexwgn  
It's not the size of the rim but the weight.

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