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Other info: 1999 Ford Contour SVT 2.5 Duratec 5M (finally road legal) (sold to someone who could care for it) (scrapped)
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2009 Pontiac Vibe base model fwd (backup car bought when C-Max was undergoing a dealership stay) (sold to my sister)
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2021 Ford Bronco Big Bend Sasquatch (shared with my mom) (pre-ordered, finally got it after 8 months!)

I need a new/reliable imagehosting source until I decide to pony up bucks for FlickrPro.

Last 10 comments by ricerocketboy

Comment for image #76182 10-03-2022 @ 07:08:38 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
I still think This should've been called Bolt and been the MPV companion to the Volt. But no.

Comment for image #98205 9-30-2022 @ 01:14:47 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
Ed Bolian or Tavarish.

Comment for image #64260 9-19-2022 @ 12:40:29 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  

I got an image of a LeMans with cat ears dancing (while standing on its back wheels) and leaves flailing away in the wind.

Comment for image #98174 9-18-2022 @ 10:38:11 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
Both sets look good, though I'd rather it with just the stock wheels.

Comment for image #90181 9-10-2022 @ 04:04:23 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy

Comment for image #92663 8-26-2022 @ 04:04:06 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
Oh. Well I have trouble with tone/intent, even moreso when it's written rather than spoken. This also might explain why I was a troll when I was a lot younger.

Comment for image #92663 8-26-2022 @ 03:52:05 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
To be clear, I wasn't posting because I was "glad they they're dead." I don't care for demo derbies, but several times I went to the house to shoot, and both the father and son (I assume?) were very nice to me, and let me look inside. I never let on that I didn't like demo derbies, but the pair were always welcoming to me, and were happy to talk cars with me. I had a mini melt-down once (panicked at trying to introduce myself when the older man came outside), and I said I have autism, and we ended up talking about disabilities and stuff for a while. The older man also came to my dad's gigs a few times, and let me sit in, and play around in several classic cars that I can only guess the fate of. I did not mean ill with my post about OMG OMG they might be dead.

Comment for image #92663 8-24-2022 @ 02:45:37 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
I think these people died. The whole yard is overgrown, car is still there, all cars there have moss and grass growing on them and last I checked, the "garage" where they built the derby cars was slowly collapsing.

Comment for image #98150 8-23-2022 @ 10:07:07 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
agreed. Very nice otherwise.

Comment for image #46742 8-21-2022 @ 11:47:39 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
I like these with the ZR-1 atyle wheels and the V6 5 spoke hubcaps and T Tops. I also like the 35th Anniversary cars, too.

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