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Other info: 1999 Ford Contour SVT 2.5 Duratec 5M (finally road legal) (sold to someone who could care for it)
2003 Ford Focus SVT EAP (currently not running yet again) (sold to someone who could care for it. Haven't seen it since.)
2009 Pontiac Vibe base model fwd (backup car bought when C-Max was undergoing a dealership stay)
2006 Pontiac Torrent AWD (winter car still going strong) (now has a leaking sunroof again and dash display doesn't work.)
2019 Hyundai Kona Ultimate AWD 1.6T
1998 Infiniti i30t

I need a new/reliable imagehosting source until I decide to pony up bucks for FlickrPro.

Last 10 comments by ricerocketboy

Comment for image #97718 2-27-2021 @ 12:17:23 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
I've gotten a 2SS convertible from Budget. I liked it but the interior, and my god the visibility. Yech.

Comment for image #97718 2-26-2021 @ 11:46:04 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
I'm surprised they rent these given their performance stats. Fast as shit, but yeah, I don't like them ergonomically.

Comment for image #97716 2-23-2021 @ 05:48:56 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
has visions of a Minnesota version of the 1991 UK pileup that's been in several bad driver shows.

Comment for image #97092 2-21-2021 @ 03:03:33 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
get a Dart and hack the roof off. :P There, its a turbocharged four door convertible turbo Mopar :P

Comment for image #97092 2-21-2021 @ 01:13:33 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
124. And Also, that Tigershark 1.4 is the same unit used in the Darts and Renegades if I remember right.

Comment for image #94521 2-19-2021 @ 07:38:59 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
Lisa Bender?

Comment for image #97092 2-19-2021 @ 07:29:50 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
but real drivers' care about the tach :P

But seriously, those seem to be common "minuses". Glad you like the car so far, even as a rental. My dad's Mazda 3 had trouble picking up radio stations when we went out of state, and I can't figure out why.

Comment for image #97092 2-19-2021 @ 05:49:23 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
:O Nice. How is it?

Comment for image #97092 2-19-2021 @ 01:15:51 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
It's not especially quiet and not very refined.

Comment for image #97092 2-18-2021 @ 09:43:42 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
Not bad. Velosters are nice save for the blind spot. And I don't know about the second generation, but the first one felt claustrophobic, especially in the rear.

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