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Last 10 comments by ricerocketboy

Comment for image #96743 5-16-2018 @ 08:27:01 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
Nah, it was just at the dealer when I went.

Comment for image #96734 5-09-2018 @ 03:28:33 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
:O Nice! How is it?

Comment for image #90196 4-25-2018 @ 07:46:42 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
I like it both ways. If I didn't know it didn't have one, I'd be none-the-wiser. That said, I prefer it without.

Comment for image #96720 4-23-2018 @ 03:01:19 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
Damn. Haven't seen one of these for years.

Comment for image #55391 4-22-2018 @ 11:58:24 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
Fair enough. Though, my view might be tainted because my experience with Chryslers hasn't exactly been stellar. I grew up with minivans and Intrepid, neither category which was particularly trouble free.

I did a little experiment today. I counted Calibers and Avengers I passed and made note of where they were.

I saw 17 Calibers today. 13 of which were in a not-great area. I saw 22 Avengers, about half of which were on Buy-Here-Pay-Here lots, including three Avengers with flat tires, and other signs of sitting for awhile.

Comment for image #55391 4-22-2018 @ 01:28:11 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
My biggest problem with Chrysler is their dealers. Every single Dodge dealer I've been to, the salesperson is an asshole, or they get all pissed off when I don't expect to buy a car right here, right now. I wasn't intending to buy a new car, but apparently it was uncalled for that I dare not look at a new car if I wasn't buying it.

Comment for image #55391 4-22-2018 @ 01:26:41 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
I will agree. However, I do feel that both Mitsu and Mercedes both took advantage of them, though. Both brands were having trouble in some market segments. Mitsubishi needed them to break into the US market, so they sold captive imports. In 2000s, Mercedes needed help doing a second-gen ML, and Jeep wanted to gradually move the Grand Cherokee upmarket, and Dodge and Chrysler wanted a better fullsize car. Both companies ended up losing massive amounts of money in their deals, leaving Chrysler in a bind.
In regards to the Caliber thing. I see maybe 3 or 4 a day here, usually beaten to shit. The next common cheap car I see is the firs-gen 300 and Charger. (cont.)

Comment for image #55391 4-21-2018 @ 01:05:50 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
and just like that, they've all disappeared.

Comment for image #96715 4-19-2018 @ 10:38:58 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
hell you can get a red interior in a Camry now.

Comment for image #43503 4-19-2018 @ 02:53:47 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy  
what's the beige car in the background by the Bel Air?

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