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Real Name: shayne
Car you drive: 91 gti
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Last 10 comments by slow_90crx

Comment for image #37513 12-25-2004 @ 09:20:25 PM
Posted By: slow_90crx  
i want one

Comment for image #37480 12-24-2004 @ 08:09:10 PM
Posted By: slow_90crx  
one of my all time favs always dreamed of a 340 powerd one

Comment for image #3346 12-23-2004 @ 01:42:19 PM
Posted By: slow_90crx  
#11 luminas

Comment for image #37460 12-23-2004 @ 03:38:11 AM
Posted By: slow_90crx  
#2 i agree

Comment for image #37449 12-21-2004 @ 03:10:34 PM
Posted By: slow_90crx  
say wha?

Comment for image #37442 12-21-2004 @ 10:38:55 AM
Posted By: slow_90crx  
#4 is right mrk3 and mrk4s just kinda sucked with the exception of the r32 and maybe the 20th annv. the new gti is better in all aspects besides looks. i'll take funtion over looks.

Comment for image #37445 12-21-2004 @ 08:05:30 AM
Posted By: slow_90crx  
if you have seen the pheaton or the 05 jetta/gti everything is going this style. I dont mind , since with the new styling comes bigger and badder power plants.

Comment for image #37445 12-21-2004 @ 01:02:07 AM
Posted By: slow_90crx  
been along time since i been here

Comment for image #28652 11-25-2003 @ 10:33:31 AM
Posted By: slow_90crx  
real Punks are kinda funny..... good thing i'm hardcore

Comment for image #19710 11-07-2003 @ 05:11:07 PM
Posted By: slow_90crx  
well you heard wrong

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