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Last 10 comments by solid_snake

Comment for image #97092 2-22-2021 @ 01:05:21 PM
Posted By: solid_snake  
It's all sound and fury, but they are a ton of fun to drive.

Comment for image #96249 7-11-2017 @ 01:29:05 PM
Posted By: solid_snake  
This is hilarious.

Comment for image #88456 11-19-2012 @ 10:51:55 AM
Posted By: solid_snake  

Comment for image #78415 10-22-2012 @ 10:06:02 AM
Posted By: solid_snake  
I have to disagree.

If, for example, the person in question had chosen to purchase a PT Cruiser...

Comment for image #77052 10-01-2012 @ 04:23:52 PM
Posted By: solid_snake  
You're all banned

Comment for image #88112 9-25-2012 @ 04:52:39 PM
Posted By: solid_snake  
That really seems like something that isn't true

Comment for image #87813 8-09-2012 @ 04:36:01 PM
Posted By: solid_snake  
Yeah, the Veyron looks like shit

Comment for image #70001 8-09-2012 @ 03:37:49 PM
Posted By: solid_snake  

Comment for image #87473 6-25-2012 @ 02:59:31 PM
Posted By: solid_snake  
That's a blatant lie, everyone knows Autoweek is just a large Weathertech advertisement.

Comment for image #87473 6-25-2012 @ 02:30:23 PM
Posted By: solid_snake  
I'm tempted to ban you for admitting to knowing who designed them

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