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Last 10 comments by somekid

Comment for image #76859 11-06-2008 @ 04:58:23 PM
Posted By: somekid  
STD is what you will get from her but! there suspensions are GREAT!

Comment for image #76640 10-23-2008 @ 04:52:56 PM
Posted By: somekid  
ehhh i left a water bottle by my wheel, well at least i know where that went

Comment for image #76639 10-21-2008 @ 03:30:06 AM
Posted By: somekid  
oooor maybe it was the car telling him something? like get this crap off me

Comment for image #76635 10-21-2008 @ 03:28:42 AM
Posted By: somekid  
He just wants to let the people who repo his car what bank to take it to thats all

Comment for image #72041 10-20-2008 @ 01:49:45 AM
Posted By: somekid  
cant wait till this thing comes out, my dad loves my G8 i have now, so he is pretty much set on getting this

Comment for image #75239 8-13-2008 @ 06:32:54 PM
Posted By: somekid  
my bad you are right, i was thinkign the stratus was that small thing that looked like the plymoth brezee*

Comment for image #75239 8-13-2008 @ 06:28:43 PM
Posted By: somekid  
this is actually a Dodge avenger

Comment for image #75210 8-11-2008 @ 06:03:09 PM
Posted By: somekid  
haha, no its my celtic football jersey

Comment for image #75209 8-11-2008 @ 06:02:33 PM
Posted By: somekid  
1986 model

Comment for image #75170 8-09-2008 @ 01:54:44 PM
Posted By: somekid  

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