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Last 10 comments by speedkills

Comment for image #15596 12-05-2002 @ 12:42:48 PM
Posted By: speedkills  
you've never heard of fiero-lambo kit cars?

Comment for image #7027 12-05-2002 @ 11:18:32 AM
Posted By: speedkills  
or maybe they were lazy and just unbolted the manifold, leaving the rest of the exhaust pipe still bolted underneath the car...?

Comment for image #15532 12-04-2002 @ 09:49:45 AM
Posted By: speedkills  
yeah, the 390's been rebuilt...although the guy says that was almost 100,000 miles ago...the odometer is pretty much useless since it only goes to 5 digits, but its safe to say its probably past the 200k mark. still runs like a dream though. the interior needs a lot of work, everything is still stock except for the reupholstered front bench. heck, I think when I'm done with the caprice, I could probably sell this back at a profit!

Comment for image #15525 12-04-2002 @ 01:23:35 AM
Posted By: speedkills  
even with the prerequisite missing hubcap...

Comment for image #15532 12-04-2002 @ 01:18:56 AM
Posted By: speedkills  
dang... *puts the daytons back in the box*

Comment for image #15529 12-04-2002 @ 12:48:02 AM
Posted By: speedkills  
good track record...but they're horrible looking...

Comment for image #15524 12-04-2002 @ 12:44:55 AM
Posted By: speedkills  
the joys of living in a rust-free state...

Comment for image #15528 12-04-2002 @ 12:43:38 AM
Posted By: speedkills  
offroad machine!

Comment for image #15520 12-04-2002 @ 12:00:50 AM
Posted By: speedkills  
I've heard he's a bit of an asshole with regards to his ego...

Comment for image #15523 12-03-2002 @ 11:56:02 PM
Posted By: speedkills  
just cut a hole in the floorboard...then you got the m@d tYt3 Fred Flintstone mod...

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