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Location: East Flat Rock, NC
Car you drive: 6 cars and counting, see below
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Other info: 90 5.0 Mustang notch - gettting a well built 347 and a Tremec 3550 soon
84 Lincoln Mark VII - will get a 460 at some point, for now its my POS that
always starts
93 Lincoln Mark VIII - Sold
78 Bronco - waiting to be crushed
83 Bronco - replacement for the failed 78 Bronco project
86 Bronco - used to make the 83 run, now its scrap
86 Jeep CJ7- got it for $500, all but on the road now
87 Grand Marquis- my mustang powered 5 speed hoopty
79 Firebird Formula - paid $800, sold it for $1500
71 Dune Buggy - Fun and cheap, whats not to love
65 GTO - family's old drag car and soon to go bye bye, don't have time or
money for it

AIM: ibsmokeinu

Last 10 comments by stang392

Comment for image #90880 6-05-2014 @ 09:00:59 AM
Posted By: stang392 This video is what made me keep the 300 in my truck. The 2.3 would be more fun in the curves though.

Comment for image #90727 4-28-2014 @ 09:04:40 AM
Posted By: stang392  
Oh it has it, just not in this pic.

Comment for image #90727 4-27-2014 @ 08:23:46 PM
Posted By: stang392  
Champagne with ivory interior. Wouldn't be my first pick in colors but was hard to pass up for the low miles and the shape it was in. Only paid $3200 for it. First big project for it has been working on being able to see at night. Making a set of HID headlights for it. You can follow my progress here

Comment for image #90726 4-27-2014 @ 07:53:32 PM
Posted By: stang392  
I still work in the produce dept for Ingles as needed, most of the time just once a month to stay on payroll. My full time job now is working for a company called elkamet. I run a PE roto-molding machine making fuel, water and DEF tanks for CAT and a few other makers of heavy equipment

Comment for image #67620 7-30-2013 @ 06:01:45 PM
Posted By: stang392  
Good Luck with that. I did the same thing trying to put a Autolite 2100 on the truck and tried the same fix. After putting a soild chuck of all around the crack it cracked again as soon as the bolt got snug.

Comment for image #89529 7-14-2013 @ 11:10:53 AM
Posted By: stang392  
I don't think I could drive something like this everyday. At some point I think I would just give into the urge to smash it into a group of parked cars

Comment for image #89025 3-29-2013 @ 08:14:27 AM
Posted By: stang392  
Only crash I know of around here

Comment for image #76120 3-23-2013 @ 08:20:16 AM
Posted By: stang392  
the side window layout just makes it look odd to me

Comment for image #79016 3-18-2013 @ 06:30:24 PM
Posted By: stang392  
That hood looks as big as a new compact

Comment for image #82612 3-13-2013 @ 07:30:25 PM
Posted By: stang392  
Overheated it thanks to a hole in the rad

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